Alesha McElwey
PeRU, New York United States

Owns Horse(s)? Yes. English, looking to do some local hunt shows. Also show in gymkhanas for fun. 

What does being a Kerrits Ambassador mean to you? I would love to be a Kerrits Ambassador. I think Kerrits is an amazing company with quality breeches for a reasonable price. Kerrits is my go to brand. They're comfortable and stylish, making it easy to run errands after the barn! I currently have 10.7k followers on my Instagram account (red_ribbon_mare) and would love to spread the amazing word about Kerrits! I especially love the little package of seeds that be comes with each pair! It's a cute way to get those who buy Kerrit products to spread a little love! ! 

What are your passions as a rider and ambassador? My passion is to just spread happiness! Riding allows me to do that. Having my Instagram account for my OTTB Freya has really allowed me to get in touch with so many young riders! Many going through hard times and looking for a listening ear and caring heart. Being able to offer those qualities to others is one step further to making a difference. The horse world, as we all know, can be cruel and judgmental, but one smile at a time can hopefully one day change that. We all love horses, otherwise we wouldn't be in this industry. So instead of focusing on ribbons and trophies, we can all look super stylish in our kerrit breeches and tops, and embrace what we are all proud of- our amazing horses! ! 

What is your connection to Kerrits? Growing up, my mother worked at a local tack shop, where I spent most of my time after school organizing brushes and boots. However when the store was slow, I would dress up from head to toe in hunters attire. I always found that Kerrits brand fit me the best, I am a bigger sized woman, and Kerrits brand takes that into consideration! However, I do not currently own any Kerrits brand breeches. As I am in nursing school and education comes first. My cousin however received my winter full seat Kerrits and she absolutely loves them! Keeps her very warm for our cold winters here in Upstate New York! ! 

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