Alexia Bouilly
Saint Amand les Eaux, France

Riding Discipline(s)? I'm a French dressage rider because I feel like it's necessary to try to understand the horse as much as I can to make our time together pleasant. Create a connection between his history and the things he could do with his body but especially in his mind. I like to jump too, I adore to go out for a nice trail ride; or the adrenaline you feel on a X country course. I also appreciate to do other disciplines for fun or experiment as it builds the horse's confidence. Change the work (not staying on a daily routine) western or vaqueros style, vaulting, garrocha, lunging, ...

What does being a Kerrits Ambassador mean to you? It means representing the brand by wearing the products proudly, help and advice others who gets interest with. Having the opportunity to ride in and promote more of the Kerrits products. 

What are your passions as a rider and ambassador? To keep learning forever and always as a rider and human. To share my knowledge with horses, students, riders from everywhere. This year I am in training 4 days a week near Paris to become a first level trainer/instructor. Then, 2 days of the same week teaching at an equestrian center near Belgium in the north of France (where i live). I try to find time to take lesson or help my teacher at my private dressage barn on holidays/weekend. After nearly 2 years abroad (Utah, California, England, Scotland, France, Morocco, Portugal) working as working student or groom in different countries I've decided to earn a diploma in France (my home country). I used to travel and will still travel for pleasure or work after my diploma, it is anadvantage to discover new brands, disciplines, way of life and riding.... I want to inspire. As I spend many hours of my life wearing equestrian clothes (and I like to wear them all day long even to see non-horse friends!)  iIwould love and be proud to continue my modeling with Kerrits in my day to day life.

What is your connection to Kerrits? I first saw Kerrits breeches in a laundry baskets in California. My friend wore it; so I tried on and wow fell in love with the brand. She offered me a pair before I left USA october 2014, and 4 months later I asked my sister (who used to work in Boston) to buy and sent my over some breeches, as I can't do it from France.

I appreciate Kerrits brand for:
-the comfort in variable temperature
-the style, to look nice and professional
-the quality
-the security/help in the saddle or around the horse
-the environmental commitment
-the new material

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