Allison Lanier
Orlando, Florida United States

Owns Horse(s)? Yes

What does being a Kerrits Ambassador mean to you? As an adult rider, I hope to serve as role model to other adult riders who might feel as if they need to sacrifice comfort in order to look age appropriate. In my Kerrits, I feel as if I'm saying, "We adult riders count. We're allowed to look good, feel good, and be proud of ourselves." 

But even more than being a voice for the adult rider, I hope to be a reminder that despite age difference, we riders are all pretty much the same. We all face similar challenges, similar fears, similar ups and downs. And of course, a love for our sport and our equine partners. When I'm at the barn in my Kerrits breeches, and a little girl is wearing her Kerrits tights, and a teen is wearing her a Kerrits tech top, I'm reminded that despite age, we're not that different. Wearing Kerrits says, "I'm a rider. I'm serious about what I do, and I need a brand that understands my passion, my need to feel comfortable so that I can pursue that passion without distraction, and my desire to look good at the same time." 

What are your passions as a rider and ambassador? My passion, both on and off my horse, is life-long learning. I love the challenge of continually working to improve myself as a rider, a competitor, and a person. I believe riding provides endless opportunities to gain fresh insight into our habits, our fears, and the energy we bring to the world. As I work with my very green mare, she in turn instructs me in gaining greater patience, maintaining mental focus, and cultivating calmness in the midst of chaos. Moreover, when riding, my mare continually teaches me the fine art of pushing toward a goal while simultaneously dropping expectations. It's an art I've yet to master, but I see its impact seep into my life outside the arena as I become a more balanced person. 

An additional passion is encouraging adult riders to follow their dreams, even those who never rode in their youth. It's never too late to take up riding, and Kerrits allows equestrians of all ages to ride in style and comfort.

What is your connection to Kerrits? When preparing for my first riding lesson as an adult, I went to my local saddlery to buy my boots, my helmet, and all the other necessities. But what to wear? As a child, I'd ridden in the comparatively cool weather of the Pacific Northwest, where jeans and a t-shirt were fine for schooling. But now, riding in the Florida summer heat, anything too heavy is out of the question. While on that initial shopping trip, I spotted the Kerrits riding tights and thought they'd be an option, but the sales associate talked me into a heavy pair of breeches from a different manufacturer. During my first lesson, I knew I'd made a mistake and soon went back for my first pair of Kerrits Flow-Rise Tights. Ahhhh, sweet relief. 

Before long, I owned several pairs of Flow-Rise Performance Tights, several more pairs of Ice Fil Tech Tights (my favorite for summer), and Kerrits tops. Now, my closet is filled with an assortment of Kerrits products--from tights and breeches to tops and headbands. Not too long ago, a rider showed up at the barn where I train and said, "Look! I have a pair of Kerrits, just like you!" In fact, I'm so into Kerrits products, I often tell my local retailer about new items they haven't heard of yet. 

Besides being an equestrian, I'm also a yoga teacher, and I frequently wear my Kerrits to teach in because they're so comfortable. When not riding or teaching in my Kerrits, you'll often find me sporting a Kerrits top with a pair of jeans. Non-equestrians often ask me about my Kerrits items and want to know where to purchase them. 

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