Amy Cullen
Brisbane, Australia

Owns Horse(s)? Yes, I ride Dressage, Show Jumping and Cross Country.

What does being a Kerrits Ambassador mean to you? It would be such an amazing opportunity to be an ambassador for such a unique brand. However, what would be truly amazing is being able to inspire and help younger riders. What I love most about this sport, or any sport in general, is the ability to be inspire. To help those with dreams pursue them, to help those with disabilities better themselves, to help those who say "I can't" and turn it into "I can". I used to be one of those young girls who would stand and watch the older riders and think to myself, I want to be like them. To have the ability to help the younger generation would be truly and amazing opportunity, and I feel that through becoming a Kerrits Ambassador this dream would become a reality. With such a versatile brand, it is possible for this to reach a world wide radar. And that to me, is what being a Kerrits Ambassador would mean to me. 

What are your passions as a rider and ambassador? My passion for horses started when I met my first pony on a family holiday and from then on it was stuck in my blood. I started riding at the age of 8, and got around any horse I could at any opportunity given to me. Most of my family thought this phase would pass, but to me It was a grand passion. To see what these amazing animals can do, and what they can make the human race feel is truly incredible. I work in a field of disability work that incorporate horses into the communication process and words cant describe the feeling when you see the impact they have on these people. Its inspiring. However, before I worked in this industry, I rode a number of different horses in a number of different disciplines. Over the years I have grown as a rider and horsewoman and have seen myself go from strength to strength and grow the courage to attempt tasks that I never would have thought possible. I have ridden in disciplines such as western, drafting, cattle work, vaulting, trick riding, and liberty work, but eventing is what has stolen my heart. My passion for this sport not only lies in the riding, but the countless hours of training and care of my horses, the specific products they need and above all my love of photography. 

As an ambassador I love promoting the products I buy through my instagram and facebook and above all word of mouth. I love helping people in any way I can and as I've found with the Kerrits brand, it is definitely a product that can help riders of all ages, sizes and disciplines with the Australian heat. 

My passions as a rider go as far as I can see, but they will never go as far as my horses and their limitations. My passion to help and strengthen the equine community can only go as far as I can, and I would be more than honoured to fullfill this dream by becoming an ambassador for the Kerrits brand. 

What is your connection to Kerrits? I first found out about the Kerrits brand when my friend bought a pair of breeches overseas. My rides would consist of shorts in summer as there are little to none lightweight materials made in Australia that are designed to keep the rider cool enough in the Australian heat. I myself find that my legs sweat a lot whilst riding, so she offered me to try her Kerrits. I have since fallen in love with them! The comfort levels, the amazing pannels through the seat and inner legs and the lightweight materials that are used have left the Australian brands for dust. I  have since (after weeks of saving) ordered a pair through an Australian branch!
That ride, during a heatwave, was supposed to be a completely and utterly draining ride, however due to the Kerrits breeches, I was able to complete the ride in comfort and style and I can definately see myself saving and ordering more Kerrits in the future as long as my bank account can afford them! I will also, once I my own pair arrive, be advertising them to all my equestrian friends!

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