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Amy Hill
HANMER, Ontario Canada

Owns Horse(s)? Yes

What does being a Kerrits Ambassador mean to you? In northern Ontario, we tend to have extreme seasons. Everyone is always asking me what the best products are for riding through all seasons. I live in my kerrits, because I believe in them. I find the style, comfort, durability and functionality unbeatable and at an affordable price point. 

When I compete I love my cross-over full seats, for training young ones or for extreme cross country I love my griptek breeches. For teaching and equine massage in summer months I wear flex tight II full seat, riding i wear my crossovers. In winter I mix it up, i love my sit tight and warm for schooling and training. For everyday wear I love my power stretch tights. However, I just picked up two pairs of frost free full seat breeches - and these are my new favourites! perfect for winter riding! Being a kerrits ambassador allows me to promote what I truly believe in. I have the utmost in comfort, durability and functionality every time I pull on a pair of kerrits breeches - regardless of which breech I am using that day. They have never let me down, and I have never been disappointed! 

I also have a large selection of tops. Again, i love the style fit and function of kerrits clothing. The bit of horse design in blue covers most of my winter wardrobe! In summer, cute kerrits tanks and icefil tees and what keep me cool. 

I have a large variety of clients, and work in an equestrian retail store. I always recommend kerrits, as they are my favourites. My customers appreciate honesty, and they always see me wearing kerrits so they know I am true to my word. Being an ambassador allows me to truly help people pick what is best for them and promote such a great brand, which has something for everyone. 

What are your passions as a rider and ambassador? I love training young horses. My horse, LOKI, in the uploaded pics - I started him myself and we will be going training level eventing next season. 

I love the dance of dressage, and the thrill of cross-country. I also enjoy the fact that my kerrits breeches always keep me looking smart, and secure in the saddle regardless of what discipline I'm riding in.

I, and others, are trying to grow the sport of eventing in Northern Ontario. When people have the right equipment to do what needs to be done - everything becomes easier. I feel kerrits clothing helps my event riders. They are comfortable, unrestricted yet have a bit of added security in the saddle. They are perfect for all three phases of eventing.

What is your connection to Kerrits? My first pair of kerrits were a hand me down pair of micro cord full seat breeches. They fit like a glove! I had never been so comfortable in a pair of breeches before. I have never looked back!

Now, they are all I buy. My riding closet has 21 pairs of kerrits breeches - some for showing, some for training, winter ones, schooling ones... etc. 
I am always impressed by the look, fit and comfort they provide for whatever type of riding adventure I am going on next. 
After schooling, I love to hack out after. Kerrits keep me warm in winter and cool in summer. My show jacket is Kerrits - again, perfect design. Superior comfort, both in fit and temperature regulation. Easy to clean and looks great. 

Every season I update my Kerrits wardrobe, and as stated before - I am never disappointed!

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