Anna Horner
KenT, Washington United States

What does being a Kerrits Ambassador mean to you? Helping to promote a comfortable, yet affordable brand. I love Kerrits products, especially how quality the material is compared to higher priced items, and I would love to introduce other riders to that and the story behind it! Becoming an ambassador would also mean being a role model in the horse world, promoting safety when riding as well as good sportsmanship and horsemanship at all times to generate a positive image behind the brand name.

What are your passions as a rider and ambassador? I have been riding my entire life. I joined Pony club at age 5, and started eventing 3 years later and never stopped loving the sport. I love the dicipline of dressage, endurance of cross country, and the technicality of show jumping, yet realize that not everyone is able to afford a been there, done that horse that scores perfectly every time, or super fancy tack and outfits. I would love to promote a brand that is both comfortable, looks professional in the show ring, but is also affordable, while endorsing sportsmanship, horsemanship, and safety. I want people to see the Kerrits logo and get the image of a company that cares enough about the sport to make it avalible for all riders of all diciplines, while having a concern for the safety and well being of both the horse and the rider. 

What is your connection to Kerrits? I got my first Kerrits shirt as a hand-me-down when I first started Pony Club at age 5. I got my first show coat and white breeches (when my mom decided I was serious enough about the sport I should stop borrowing and get my own) from Kerrits when I was 10. I was so excited about my breeches and how comfortable they were that I would even sleep in them. Ever since, I have been riding in Kerrits apparel because it is the most flexible material, and most comfortable breeches I could get while not putting a big dent in my wallet. I really started getting interested in the Kerrits story when I started going to recognized events and would see everyone else with the same pair of breeches, and Kerrits posters everywhere and on the jumps. I always loved getting the Kerrits seeds when I would get a new Kerrits item, but didn't quite understand the impact of what was behind them, or rather the faces of the people behind the brand. I started to realize that the Kerrits brand is really a comunity of equestrians who are just as passionate about riding as I am, and who put work into finding the best clothing at the cheapest price to set you up for success while in the saddle, so all you have to concentrate on is your horse instead of your itchy show shirt or stiff breeches, or stress about winning the money back that you spent on them. It's nice to have a brand with a team of friendly faces behind it that cares for the wellbeing of the rider and horse, while creating an image of safety, horsemanship, and sportsmanship. 

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