Arianna johnson
seven valleys , Pennsylvania United States
Arianna rides English with her own Welsh Pony.

What does being a Kerrits Ambassador mean to you? Being a Kerrits Ambassador would be such an honor. Arianna has a love for horses and horseback riding. Arianna has a 10 year old mare welsh pony. They have such a great bond. Becoming a Kerrits ambassador would be an amazing opportunity, and she would love to show you what she can do! She has been riding over 2 years and her trainer has high hopes for her. Arianna has an Instagram page that her mom runs for her. We share her daily adventures of what being an Equestrian means. Sometimes being a rider can be difficult but she gets back on and rides. You have a strong company and this 9 year old girl is strong and loves what she does. Her mom takes great style pictures and lets everyone know what she wears. 

What are your passions as a rider and ambassador? Arianna's passions are horses. She loves being at the barn surrounded by these amazing creatures. Arianna will help muck the stalls and clean up in the barn. She takes care of her pony and could stay at the barn all day! When she is at school, she tries to learn and get books about horses and ponies. 

Arianna likes to take her pony (Lola) on trail rides. We have a beautiful trail and she will just sing and talk to her pony. They have an amazing bond. 
Arianna adores the bright and fun colored breeches your company carries. Kerrits allows her to be creative and have fun riding. We would love to be an ambassador and let the world know what a great company you are! 

What is your connection to Kerrits? Her first pair of breeches she got was for her birthday! She was so excited and adored your story of Kerrits. On the tag had her own set of carrots she could plant! Her pony loves carrots and brings in carrots for her all the time! We where introduced at a local equestrian store here in York, PA. Arianna is very tall for her age but skinny at her waist. It is very hard getting breeches that fit her just right. When she tried on your breeches we could not believe that it fit her perfectly! We will continue to support your business and want to show everyone how great you are!


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