Arianne Burton
Perth, Australia
Hacking, Jumping

Owns Horse(s)? Yes

What does being a Kerrits Ambassador mean to you? Being a Kerrits Ambassador is very important to me as it means I am now part of the Ambassador team/family who all share one love for horses and Kerrits clothing. Being an Ambassador also means I have an amazing opportunity to represent a well known and loved equestrian apparel brand, Kerrits itself. I am able to now represent the Kerrits brand with professionalism and class. It doesn't get any better than Kerrits! 

What are your passions as a rider and ambassador? From a very young age I have loved horses, and have somehow managed to grow up amongst them, despite living in suburbia. I have been doing lessons for as long as I can remember and in April 2014, I bought my very own horse, an Australian Stock Horse named Mickee. He tested me all right, and wasn't the easy calm horse every body wants as their first horse. Since then, I am proud to say we have come a very long way and are almost ready for Pony Club. As Mickee had only ever done Camp drafting and Polocrosse, he had never had an English saddle on his back. After a long difficult year, we are now jumping and covering many more disciplines. A couple of months ago I also got my second horse; a much bigger Thoroughbred named Conrad. My future goals are high, but definitely achievable with confidence and training. I would like to go further with Mickee in the western, games and endurance disciplines, as he is best suited to that. With Conrad, I strive to work towards eventing, jumping and hunters. I also have lessons on another horse, A welsh cob named Jazz. We are close to entering our first show in jumping. Here on after, my plans with Jazz will only increase and become more positive. I hope one day to become a very well known eventer. smile

What is your connection to Kerrits? The first time I came across a pair of Kerrits was on a picture on Instagram. A girl was wearing the white Full Seat Cross Over Breeches and I fell in love. Soon after, I bought a pair in my local store and then realised why everybody loves them! They are super comfy and look very professional and classy. (They are also easy to wash and get stains out!) wink I am planning a large order as I cannot simply only own one pair - They are just too gorgeous! I will forever love Kerrits Apparel and will continue to buy their products and I can't come across a better brand then Kerrits. I also love their involvement with the equine community and the environment! I speak very highly of Kerrits and would recommend them to anyone as my No.1 Brand!!

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