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Beth Burrell
New Hartford, Iowa United States

What does being a Kerrits Ambassador mean to you? As a Kerrits Ambassador, I'd love to be able to share the inspiration I'd feel from having been selected for such an honor with others. Being a part of Kerrits' program, and having the opportunity to represent one of the top equestrian apparel and lifestyle brands, would be incredible. I'd really like to share my enthusiasm for Kerrits and help spread the word about not only the awesome apparel items, but for the company itself. 

In my professional life, I teach riding lessons to young children and beginner adults and have been doing so for just over 3 years. In my previous career, I was a professional photographer for 17 years. I was hired by my lab to travel the country and teach other photographers about marketing their businesses, concept photography as well as how to gain new clients and business management.  

I feel that I'd be a great candidate to represent Kerrits as I'd be able to blend my love for/knowledge of horses, as well as my professional expertise. As a Kerrits Ambassador, I'll represent both the Kerrits brand and myself with professionalism. 

What are your passions as a rider and ambassador? I am passionate about photography and horses as well as the brands of comfortable, yet stylish equestrian clothing that I love. The Kerrit brand and products are perfect for the amateur as well as the professional and I would love for others to see that. 
I am also passionate about buying horses that have had struggles in their lives and retraining them to give them a new resume so that they can go on to have productive lives. 

What is your connection to Kerrits? I bought a pair of Kerrits on a whim numerous - like 10 years ago for some light weight summer breeches because summers in Iowa are hot and humid. I am not really a fan of sweating and the summer breeches help keep me cool when I am teaching. I still have those breeches and now have several more! I love that they are so light weight and cool in the summer. 

Iowa winters are also FREEZING so I bought Kerrits fleece lined winter breeches and they are my go to for cold weather! 

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