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Bria Gainey
, British Columbia Canada
Hunter, Jumper, Equitation

Owns Horse(s)? Yes

What does being a Kerrits Ambassador mean to you? Being a Kerrits Ambassador means to me helping to promote and represent an amazing business. I think I would be a good ambassador for Kerrits because I compete at many Gold/AA Shows a year and I would be able to promote all the amazing clothing and accessories that Kerrits has to offer. I would be so grateful to be a part of such an amazing team and to have the chance to share my love of all things Kerrits! I know many people would be interested in purchasing some fantastic Kerrits breeches and polos, and I know I could promote this brand by distributing flyers and word of mouth. I would also wear my Kerrits clothing and show it off at competitions, clinics and even everyday at my barn and in my area. I would also be able to put a Kerrits banner on our horse show set up. After showing Kerrits clothing to the people at my barn and in my area I know I could get a lot of customers. I ride 7 days a week and 3+ horses a day so your products would be worn often and advertised daily! I also take a lot of photography, so you can bet high quality photos will be posted on social media weekly. 


What are your passions as a rider and ambassador? My passions as a rider and ambassador are to promote good sportsmanship, friendship and fun in everything I do. I find it very important in and out of the show ring to have a good attitude, and remember that at the end of the day we do this sport because we love the animals. I also love competing in horse shows, and just hanging out with my horse. I also enjoy fashion, and wearing amazing brands like Kerrits. Another of my passions is photography, and I love sharing my pictures with others and on social media.

What is your connection to Kerrits? I love everything made by Kerrits! I have had great experiences with the Kerrits breeches and shirts, and love all the gorgeous colours they come in. Kerrits look great schooling, at horse shows and even just working around the barn! I follow Kerrits on social media and love checking out photos of equestrians everywhere rocking their Kerrits gear! Many people I know recommend Kerrits, and I agree that you can never go wrong with such well made and stylish clothing.

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