Charlotte Wells
Sutherland , Australia
My horse and I (Heidi) started out in our areas pony club, then we started competeing in barrels and western bending. We then decided to try out Mounted Games and team sporting, as well as dressage and jumping. Now Heidi and I want to start doing eventing, show riding and polo-crosse together. My aim with Heidi is to just try everything and anything inside the horse industry which makes it really easy because the horse world is huge.

What does being a Kerrits Ambassador mean to you? Being a Kerrits Ambassador would mean everything to Heidi and I. The Kerrits riding pants I own are the comfiest jodhpurs I have ever worn. I wear my beige Kerrits jodphurs for my area pony club events and my zone pony club events and it’s amazing how much movement the jodphurs give me. 

I also own a black and blue pair of Kerrits jodphurs that are another amazing pair that is the best for summer. With its breathable material and it’s tight fitting around the waist so there is no need to wear a belt. But it’s wonderful how even though the material on the jodphurs is so thin and light, how much warmth it gives me when I’m riding in Autumn and Winter. 

I absolutely love the Kerrits brand and being an ambassador would be an amazing opportunity. As being a young rider and trying to find the perfect fit for my riding clothes was hard at first but then I found the brand Kerrits and it was perfect. I would just love to be able to spread the word about the Kerrits brand and give back because I feel like that is the best way I could thank them for there gorgeous riding clothes. 

What are your passions as a rider and ambassador? My passion as a rider... 

I use to ride at a ranch at the bottom of a beautiful valley when I was only little but then I had a fall and I never brought myself to ride again.

Until 3 years ago I went for a trail ride at another valley around the mountains while I was on holidays at a holiday house, after that ride I was hooked. During the week I kept on going back to the trail ride another few times until we went back home. The year after that I started to get regular lesson during the week at a riding school. 

Another year has passed and then I decided to attend our areas pony club open day. I was lucky enough to be first in line to lease a pony for 12 months but after six months things decided to change as I was growing too big for the pony I was leasing. It was time for me to get a horse and I was lucky enough to find my baby girl Heidi. 

Ever since I laid my eyes on Heidi I knew she was the one for me. She is the reason I’m so passionate to ride and Heidi is the one that has taught me so much in such a short period of time. 

What is your connection to Kerrits? I was attending a horse competition and I entered a horseland trade store and I spotted a black and blue pair of Kerrits jodphurs for sale and when I saw them I knew they were going to be the comfiest pair of jodphurs. When I tried one on it fitted perfectly and I loved them. 

This was my first experience with the Kerrits brand and everyone knows that first impressions are always the most important and may I say that Kerrits showed me the best impression. 

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