Danielle Platt
Watkinsville, Georgia United States

Owns Horse(s)? Yes

What does being a Kerrits Ambassador mean to you? As an ambassador I know I have a lot of responsibility as a representative of your company. I will go through my fullest potential to advertise socially through my 24.2k instagram account with the highest of quality pictures and through the A shows that I regularly attend. 

What are your passions as a rider and ambassador? I started at age 8 with an untrained sassy Haflinger pony that stood at 12hh my mom since she is my trainer taught me the basics on her lesson horses and then she started helping me train simba. He taught me everything. He was sassy in walk and trot and I was petrified of canter because when I saw him do it in the field he always went fast. One day I was doing my crossrails in trot when he decided he was going to canter an outside line. From then on I loved it I giggled every time I did it and soon enough by 2012 my 12h haflinger and I were in the jumper ring doing the 2'9 Intro jumper class which we won 2012 year end AAHJA intro jumper champion. By 2013 I was way to big for him and my mom helped me find a bigger horse we found an OTTB that was 15 hh and didn't know how to jump as he had just been doing walk trot lesson since he was pulled off the track. I trained him to jump crossrails but he would plow through them then my mom just started using him In lessons and I rode my sister paint mare that she was scared of, this horse gave me my seat and several bruises and tears I finally got her in the jumper ring at out first show and it was terrible. She would jump the 3'3 jump perfectly and then come to a complete standstill 1 strode after and I would flip of, at that show I had my first extremely bad fall  and my mom suggested I go back to Ossi while we got the paint worked up. Apparently Ossi's 3 months of me not riding him continually helped him a lot because once I started showing him and he learned to jump he won every single children's hunter class, every 3'0 equitation class and every medal class he was entered in we ended the year with 2013 AAHJA 12-17 3'0 equitation champion, children's hunter medal winner, and children's hunter yearned point winner.

By this time I was already 5'5 and was getting way too big for him as he was only 15.1 we sold him to my moms best friends daughter who is 11 they are perfect together and it helped me be able to buy Cooper, the first horse I have ever gotten That came with high level experience Cooper is a once in a life time horse and he means the world to me he is 16.3 and has helped me overcome so many of my fears i entered my first preliminary CT on him and we placed 2nd out of 11 since then I compete in eventing shows not as often as I do AA jumper shows which I have grown to love, last year for 2014 I won year end champion for high schooling jumpers

What is your connection to Kerrits? My first product from Kerrits, I won at a show and I loved my shirt so much I went on the website and bought several more and two pairs of schooling tights which are extremely comfy and i recommend them to anyone at the barn looking for new breeches. 

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