Erin storey
meridian, Idaho United States

What does being a Kerrits Ambassador mean to you? Being an ambassador means to represent a product or brand that you believe in, it means wanting to stand behind the Kerrits brand because their product and employees represent something that you are proud to be a part of. 

What are your passions as a rider and ambassador? I have been riding since before I could walk, I have done everything from $H and Pony Club to competing two 50 mile endurance rides before the age of 13, to Eventing through the preliminary level.  My passion is for horses no matter the discipline or sport. Horses are my refuge, when life get tough or stressful I have always been able to have horses as my place of comfort.  Being an ambassador for Kerrits isn't just about the brand it is about the health and safety of not only the rider but the horse. It is about representing a company that has great products and supports all kinds of different equestrians from casual rider to high level competitor. From adult armatures to children just getting stared. It is about have practical gear to help make your dreams and experiences the best they can be. Its about sharing your story. 
I would say that I am now not just passionate about horses but specifically about Off the Track Thoroughbreds. I now own 4 OTTB's and I am very committed to spreading the word on the great experiences I have had and encouraging people to look at giving a racehorse a second career. 
I have competed my current horse Justin through the prelim level and look to compete in my first 1* with him in the near future. I also just bought a 3 year old that I have my sights set on participating the USEA Future event horse and Young event horse competitions with hopes of him being an FEI prospect for me. My boys are such a big part of my life and I love sharing my successes and failures in hopes that maybe my story will inspire someone else. 


What is your connection to Kerrits? I am not sure I remember my very first experience with Kerrits but I have many experiences over the years that have brought me back year after year. Several years ago I was at the USPC annual meeting in Portland, OR and Kerrits had a booth, I remember trying on several different styles of breeches and falling in love with the Cross Over full seat winter breech that is fleece lined. Not only were they a very reasonable price but they were comfortable and warm. These are still to this day one of my favorite breeches. I also have a teal winter riding jacket that is the trench coat style that I don't go anywhere with out. This Jacket has kept me warm in many lessons and warm up arenas. My most recent experience though was entering the Facebook contest #optoutandride. I happen to be the very lucky winner of that contest and was so impressed with the legendary customer service that I received as that prize winner that I said to myself I want to be more involved with this company? How can I spread the word not only about Kerrits clothing but about the awesome service I received that is so often hard to find. So I asked about becoming and ambassador and was lead to this application. 

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