Gabriella Youssef
Vienna, Virginia United States
Hunters and Fox Hunting

What does being a Kerrits Ambassador mean to you?  After wearing and enjoying Kerrits brand riding pants, being an ambassador for Kerrits means promoting a brand that I fully believe is beneficial for every rider. Kerrits is an honest and reliable brand; it would be an honor to become an ambassador. As an ambassador for Kerrits, informing everyone around me at shows and in tack shops about this brand would be my main focus along with anything beneficial to Kerrits. 

What are your passions as a rider and ambassador?  As a rider who rides in the hunter ring and on the trails as a foxhunter, there are many people you encounter. My passion is to promote Kerrits and get the brand of Kerrits into all of the local tack shops around my city. In the future, introducing horse wear into sports shops such as Sports Authority is my long term goal, and Kerrits is the perfect brand to introduce to sports stores. As an ambassador for Kerrits, I plan to travel to a multitude of shows including local shows, Culpeper, Loudon Benefit, Upperville, The Warrenton Pony show, and multiple other shows to create a larger name and to uphold the amazing reputation Kerrits carries. My goal as an ambassador includes making more citizens buyers of the product, as there are many people at horse shows. Overall, my hard work and passion for the brand I would love to be an ambassador for will benefit Kerrits.

As an accomplished rider, with many year ends, qualifications, and champions from a variety of shows in the Larges division, my goal is to become a better horse woman and a more well rounded rider. From hunter shows in the arena, IEA shows with my high school team, and trail riding with foxhounds, I am pursuing to be the best I can in each style. In IEA shows I am currently competing in the Varsity 2' division, and my passion is learning to become a flexible rider so I can work with a multitude of horses. In the foxhunting world, I have began to make appearances as a whipper-in, and my short term goal is to consistently become a whipper in, so in the future I can become one of the Masters. 

What is your connection to Kerrits? At my first lesson, I mounted this little welsh pony with my Kerrits riding pants on. Seven years later and a few sizes bigger, Kerrits is still my favorite brand. The clothes are durable, comfortable, and fashionable. Learning that the gear was originally intended for windsurfing inspired me, because that proves that many possibilities can sprout from one idea. Even though many people buy and use Kerrits, I still believe as if Kerrits riding apparel was made for me. That's how every customer should feel about a brand, and that is why I would love to represent the Kerrits brand.

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