Gloria Rowley
Newtown, Connecticut United States
My primary discipline of riding is hunter.

What does being a Kerrits Ambassador mean to you? In my opinion, being a Kerrits Ambassador means supporting and helping my favorite brand. Given the opportunity, I would be ecstatic to be a part of this organization. All of my clothing from Kerrits has fit extremely well, looked amazing, and felt so comfortable! Especially when I was younger, how materials felt was the primary aspect of what I looked at when I was picking out clothing. However, when it came to Kerrits I had a plethora of choices because I could count on the fact that everything would feel great.  This way, I could slow down to find something that I loved the look of too. Being a Kerrits Ambassador would mean that I would get to give this brand a huge thank you by promoting their clothing to people all around me at the barn and at shows. 

What are your passions as a rider and ambassador? My passions as a rider include not only riding and showing, but helping out at the barn as well. I do anything I can to better my riding and interactions with horses. For the past about four or five years I have consistently gone to help out at my old barn, Zoar Ridge Stables. There I help with lead lining, summer camp, mucking, painting fences and everything in between. Along with this, I have helped at an Embrace Hope fundraiser, been the groom for my friends at shows and walked in the town Labor Day Parade with campers and animals. Between all of this, I am always at the barn learning more and more about taking care of horses and really appreciating what I do as a rider. During my lessons and when I'm actually in the saddle I work very hard. Any advice from my trainer I immediately put into action and keep in my memory for future rides. However, while I'm working to feel good as a rider, I also want to look the part. This requires both my position to be as good as it can be and my clothing to look the part. Kerrits clothing enables me to look sleek and professional while I'm in the saddle. Not only does it make me look like a top notch rider, but wearing this brand gives me confidence to feel and preform like one too. Furthermore, the logo especially always catches my eye. The carrot placed in, in my perspective, makes the brand look cute and accessible. However, not over the top cute where I wouldn't want to wear it. It is a perfect balance.    

What is your connection to Kerrits? My first experience with Kerrits was about five years ago. I had gone to look for a new pair of breeches and found the Kerrits performance tights. I was instantly hooked. I never used to care how my clothes looked, as long as they felt comfortable. So, when I first tried on a pair of Kerrits pants, I knew I wanted them. The soft material grabbed my attention for comfort, but I was granted with the added bonus of them looking absolutely stunning. Because of Kerrits, I was finally able to stop wearing my pastel colored yoga pants to the barn. (Even if I thought my pastel pants looked good at the time, I eventually came to praise Kerrits for getting me out of them!) Ever since then, I have always had something from Kerrits on hand. To this day, I still always keep a pair of black performance tights on hand as my go to lesson pants. This, along with my other Kerrits apparel look amazing! All of my apparel from this brand fit perfectly which is pretty extraordinary for me as I am usually hard to fit being tall and skinny.

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