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Grace Landis
Wilmington, Delaware United States

Owns Horse(s)? Yes

What does being a Kerrits Ambassador mean to you? Being a Kerrits Ambassador means I get to represent my favorite riding apparel brand! When I go to a show, I alway wear my favorite pair of breeches which is of course the Kerrits brand. I love showing off how stylish they are while spectating and also feeling their comfort while I am riding. Even when I go for a leisure ride, Kerrits are always my first option!

What are your passions as a rider and ambassador? I have always been interested in horses but I was about 6 years old when I started riding. I went on leisure trail rides and just rode for fun! I loved working at my local barn helping feed, muck stalls and hanging out with barn friends! I am now training and showing in USEA Area 2 eventing. One of my goals as a rider has always been to excel and move up through the levels of eventing. I believe that with all the amazing opportunities I have in this sport, I could help improve business by wearing Kerrits apparel while achieving these goals.

What is your connection to Kerrits? I remember going to the local tack store and heading straight to the Kerrits section. I was always drawn to the fun colors and styles they had in their apparel. The best part about it was that Kerrits was also the most affordable. When I grew out of my tights, I would pass them down to younger riders and they are still in great shape! I would recommend Kerrits over any other brand of riding apparel. 

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