Grace Seaman
Bernardsville, New Jersey United States

What does being a Kerrits Ambassador mean to you? A lot comes to mind when I think about the brand Kerrits. I don’t just want to promote the brand I want to help it thrive. Kerrits exceeds the apparel comfort zone for equestrians, but not all equestrians know all the great brands and are forever in the dark not knowing what else there is to be found. All other brands for me are either too loose or tight no matter what size I get, however when I put on Kerrits clothing, it is form fitting to my body type, and I will always feel great, and look even greater! Kerrits has and will never steer me wrong! Being a Kerrits ambassador would not only mean the world to me, but it would also allow me to share Kerrits experiences with other ambassadors, aspiring ambassadors, and all equestrians looking for a new style!

What are your passions as a rider and ambassador? As a young equestrian, wanting to ride any and every chance I get, I am constantly looking for new things to try including, new clothing that allows me to be as comfortable as possible in the varying New Jersey climates, new barns, and new ways to improve in any way, shape or form. I hope to one day find a perfect fit horse, at a lovely barn, being a Kerrits ambassador, sharing my love for the brand, and how I got to know it so well. My passion for horses never ends, and I aspire to be a known equestrian, that others can look up too and feel free to ask me anything, and to help the younger generations as much as possible, for this goes without saying, the youth is the future. For when I started riding, I felt too uncomfortable to ask an “unimportant” question, and I do not want anyone to feel that way with me. And if I ever do get to live my dream of being a widely known equestrian, Kerrits will be one to thank because I am always comfortable and confident when I am riding.

What is your connection to Kerrits? When I first started riding I struggled to find the perfect breeches, and could never be completely comfortable, but I just thought no pants are ever going to be perfect, so I just blew it off and dealt with it. However by the time summer came around, my breeches were making me sweaty because of the New Jersey summer months, and they were very tight and extremely uncomfortable. One day at my barns annual show, it was in the mid-90’s and by the time I got into the ring, I almost passed out. I went to my parents and said I desperately needed summer pants. We drove down to Dover Saddlery, and asked what the best lightweight summer pants were, and low and behold, a woman said Kerrits. I tried them on and they fit perfectly, and I could already feel that they were breathable and stretchy so I could move comfortably in them! I had worn them up until it was too cold. And big surprise, I had begged my mom to go all the way down to Dover Saddlery just to buy a new pair of fleece lined breeches. When I went my mom encouraged me to look at other brands and not just Kerrits, but some were too thick or too thin, so I had bought the Kerrits breeches, along with a Kerrits shirt, and I would not change a thing about them. 

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