Isabelle bright
Los angeles, California United States

Owns Horse(s)? Yes

What does being a Kerrits Ambassador mean to you? Kerrits is a name I've grown up with. Some of my earliest memories from when I began riding in the early nineties are bringing home a pair of Kerrits with that signature bag of seeds and being so excited to bring them both to the barn to show my trainer. Now that I'm older and responsible for purchasing my own riding clothes I find that Kerrits is still my go-to brand. 

As soon as I got my hands on a pair of the cross-over breech I knew I'd found my perfect pair. I even wrote to Kerrits on Facebook to see if you needed fit models because they fit me so well. People at the barn bought the cross-over breech because they saw it on me and loved it so much. 

Being a brand ambassador for Kerrits would mean taking my relationship with Kerrits to the next level. Being able to officially represent Kerrits on Instagram and on my blog by thinking of new ways to present the styles to my followers and to my barn mates sounds like a dream come true. 

What are your passions as a rider and ambassador? As a rider and as an ambassador I'm always looking for a new approach to a classic sport. I started my blog The Modern Equestrian in 2009 with the intention of catering towards the fashion-forward and the eccentric equestrian. I've always felt like an un-conventional equestrian. I saw what everyone was wearing and wanted to wear something else. I'm driven to keep pushing the envelope when it comes to developing my style as an equestrian. 

I love to connect with people and share. Anyone at the barn will tell you my head is full of random facts and trivia, making me the go-to for weird questions and answers. I think that makes me a strong candidate for becoming an ambassador because I love to draw in an audience in new and exciting ways, especially when it has to do with horses. I think being an ambassador would contribute to that drive and desire to share and connect. 

 What is your connection to Kerrits? In addition to personally wearing Kerrits since childhood, I've sold Kerrits in two different parts of California. In college I worked at General Feed and Seed in Santa Cruz, Ca and now I work at Damoor's Feed and Tack in Los Angeles. It's always the brand I recommend when people are looking for "a comfortable riding breech." Another brand doesn't even cross my mind because I know when I put someone in a Kerrits breech they're going to be taking them home. 

Working in a tack store gives you the advantage of meeting the Kerrits reps and seeing new products before everyone else. I love seeing the store owners light up with each new product the rep pulls from their suitcase. Every product is joined by an "I love that," "love that color," "those are so cute." 

Having been on both the selling and buying end of Kerrits I can say that what I love most is the consistency of the quality of the product in addition to trying new shapes, patterns, and colors. There's always something for everyone and I think it's what keeps Kerrits in the forefront of riders minds when it comes to purchasing apparel. 

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