Julie Pignataro
East Northport, New York United States
Hunters and Equitation

Owns Horse(s)? Yes

What does being a Kerrits Ambassador mean to you? Being a Kerrits Ambassador means that I get to represent a company that has been one of my favorites for years.  When I wear comfortable and stylish clothes, I feel more confident in my riding and know that I can look professional, cute and comfortable all at the same time. The equestrian sport can be very expensive and the Kerrits brand offers exceptional clothes that are great quality, price and perfect for any riding occasion. I feel an extra confidence boost when I know that a brand outs their trust in me to represent them and I find great pride in it.

What are your passions as a rider and ambassador? I aspire to show other riders that you don't need crazy amounts of money to reach their goal in the equestrian world. I am very well known in my zone and considered a trend starter in equestrian fashion as well as running a well known equestrian fashion account on Instagram. As an ambassador I will incorporate Kerrits into the outfits I make and wear Kerrits when I ride, show or just hang out at the barn. I will tell my friends about the new products I get, which I already do, and post about any Kerrits item on both my Instagram accounts.  As I rider I also would like to make it to Junior Hunter finals and maybe Maclay Finals.  Everyday I work my hardest to become a better rider and bond with my horses.  This year I accomplished my riding goal, which was to go to the Hampton Classic and not only did I go but I won my second over fences class and placed ninth in my hack in the A section of the Large Childrens Hunter Pony.  

What is your connection to Kerrits? During the summer I would get very hot while riding and felt like I was going pass out.  I went to my local tack store and the lady asked me if I would like to try on the new Kerrits Cool Ice Fil Breeches since she just got them in.  I did and was shocked at how well they fit and how comfortable they were!  My mom loved the price and decided to buy me a pair.  I rode in them the next day and felt so much cooler and could actually focus more on riding and not on passing out.  I really like the fact that Kerrits is green and makes a difference in out world to help. I'm very into being green and this just makes the Kerrits brand even better for me! My friends and I also love the winter breeches, we plan matching riding outfits sometimes during our free rides! 

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