Kendall Johnson
Louisvillle, Kentucky United States

Owns Horse(s)? Yes. Primarily, I choose to work with American Saddlebreds. I have been riding ever since I could walk! When i started riding, I rode quarter horses. It wasn't until  2008 that I found my passion for the American Saddlebred breed. When I am not in the Saddlebred show ring, I am working with Saddlebred in a different way, 4-H Drill Team!

What does being a Kerrits Ambassador mean to you? Being a Kerrits Ambassador means, an ability to show what I love to do the most. I can only do that if I am comfortable in the saddle, wearing fabrics that Kerrits uses in their riding apparel. I could use the position as a Kerrits Ambassador, to share the enthusiasm I found when initially trying Kerrits jods versus a poly jod. Being a Kerrits Ambassador gives me the voice to tell equestrian riders in not only my sport, but in others as well, how to make them a better rider. Never did I imagine jods could be so comfortable, and still get the job done! When I am riding in my Kerrits jods, I feel confident. It is my hope that other riders can too feel confident, comfortable and stylish. Being an ambassador for an equestrian company means I have more responsibility. I have a responsibility as an ambassador to tell people about the brand, to uphold the brand image of Kerrits, to not falsify the traits of the brand and to demonstrate the Kerrits riding apparel's ability.  

What are your passions as a rider and ambassador? My passion as an American Saddlebred rider is to show well, but fairly. Let competition make me strong, but not hostile. If I know victory, grant me happiness; if I am denied keep me from envy. Remind me that this, like any other sport, is a game. Teach me something that will matter once the class is over. If, through showing my horse, I set an example, let it be a good one. 
My passion as a Kerrits Ambassador is to show equestrian riders, in all sports, that they too can feel confident, comfortable and stylish while riding.

What is your connection to Kerrits? I have been riding in Kerrits jods for about two years. Ever since I purchased the, black MICROCORD™ BOOTCUT EXTENDED PATCH, I refuse to ride in anything other than Kerrits. Although, I have not yet tried the Kerrits shirts, I am very eager to try them out! Poly jods never failed to make me feel very uncomfortable, and sweaty when I rode. When I wanted to diversify my riding, I went to The Hitching Post, a local equestrian store. Being on the hunt for comfortable and stylish jods was an ongoing process. The Hitching Post had a vast array of stretchy jods, but Kerrits stuck out to me. The other jods they had available were for huntseat riders, which do not offer a boot leg. Kerrits were the only jods who had a bootleg jod, and also had the suede knee patches. The lower rise to the jods was also a turn-on. This is because all poly jods sit way past the belly button, and have the side zipper.  Poly jods only fit well if you are a size 0!!  Kerrits are the perfect style and fit for me, and most riders who aren't a stick figure.  Since my first purchase of Kerrits jods, I have purchased 2 more! My rainbow of riding skills helped me to influence 3 other riders on my 4-H Drill team to purchase the ICE FIL® BOOTCUT jods.  

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