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Madeline Ball
Toronto, Ontario Canada

What does being a Kerrits Ambassador mean to you? A Kerrits Ambassador is someone who truly loves the brand. They find any way possible to promote this amazing brand and truly enjoy doing it. Their love for Kerrits is something that everyone will feel as well. Not only do Ambassadors have a love for Kerrits, they truly feel a love for everything and anything horses. This is not a hobby, its a lifestyle. No one knows that better then a Kerrits Ambassador. 

What are your passions as a rider and ambassador? For me, riding is all about improvement. Improvement within yourself and with your bond with your horse. I love spending time at the barn, even if it's just to watch my part board horse from afar in the paddock, or to bathe him off on a hot day. Another thing I truly enjoy is equine photography. When I'm not on my horse or with him, I'm taking photos. I express this joy through my many instagram accounts, where I post multiple times a day. I love promoting the joy or riding to everyone I meet. I'm that "horse crazy girl" and I'm proud of it! I would love to promote one of my favorite brands along with it! I'm sure that I could convince everyone to love Kerrits and horses just as much as I do myself. 

What is your connection to Kerrits? When I first started riding, I was 7 years old. I went into Greenhawk with my mother and was entranced by all the choices of boots, helmets, shirts and breeches. I started off with a little pair of rubber tall boots (pretty much rain boots), a cheap Troxel Sport Helmet and a little pair of black gloves. My mom wanted me to just use leggings, since it was going to be my first year and she didn't know if I would like riding, but I knew I would, so I begged her for a pair of breeches. She finally gave in and agreed to buy me one pair. We looked at all sorts of brands, but the ones I fell in love with were the Kerrits I tried on. They were so light and breathable that I knew that these were the ones. I wore them every single day at riding camp that summer, without removing them once, and ever since then I always have a pair on hand to wear. They are ideal for the hottest days in summer or the coldest days in winter. I LOVE my Kerrits!

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