Mary Kugler
Vienna, Virginia United States

What does being a Kerrits Ambassador mean to you? Being an ambassador is representing a brand that has a personal meaning to you. Representing a brand like Kerrits has a lot of meaning because you are being chosen by a world wide company that is famous yet you still stick out to them. Being your ambassador means a lot to me, I am an ambassador for a show bows company and I have the most amazing experience. I've met many people, learned a lot about equestrian communities in other states and most of all am having fun. I wear your fleece lined pants almost everyday and the lighter ones in the summer! My best friend is a photographer and can come out to my barn whenever I want to get pictures of mean and my riding pants and/or other riding apparel!

What are your passions as a rider and ambassador? I love to jump just like many other people, but with my twenty year old QH mare I do lots of bonding exercises. I do lots of bareback, tackless, riding and running around the fields while she follows me! My mare, Chessie, has recently been diagnosed with severe arthritis in her front right fetlock. She got proper injections and is looking great, Today was the first day I rode her for 2 months and was amazing to get back on. I also am currently leasing a Haflinger pony named Olaf while Chessie is being brought back to work. He is a 6 year old small pony. I've started to do eventing with him. I love to ride him because he hasn't been thoroughly trained and his owner thought I'd be good for the job. I love having pictures o me and my horses and what better way than to represent you. I can get many pictures with my gear on and post them on my social media or email them to you guys.  

What is your connection to Kerrits? My first pair of riding pants were black no brand ones with a whole right in the crouch. Let me just say, they were not fit for my two week long sleepaway riding camp. My mom who is also a rider took me out to Dover Saddlery to pick some new pants. I saw your tan lightweight pants and instantly fell in love with the fit, the material and the price! They were perfect for my first pair of my own riding pants! I tried them on and of course they fit me perfectly. Ever since that time every time I am in the market for new pants at my local tack shop i go straight to the section with Kerrits Eq.

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