Megan Rizzo
Davidson, North Carolina United States

Owns Horse(s)? Yes. I ride western with my personal horses (a quarter horse and a mustang) and compete twice a month in Cowboy Mouned Shooting with them. Also every weekend I work at Shining Hope Farms, which is an theraputic riding center for people with disabilities. All their horses there are english and I exercise their horses and give lessons. There I ride english and primarily jumpers and dressage. 

What does being a Kerrits Ambassador mean to you? Being a Kerrits Ambassador will mean a lot to me. It means that I will get to be part of an amazing company and represent it everywhere I go. I always need to look professional when I go to work and Kerrits breeches are some of my favorites. It means that not only will I be a representative of an amazing company, I will get to be part of it. I love the idea that I can be part of something that cares so much about what they produce and who they are producing it for. It isn't every day that there is this amazing opportunity for people to being a part of a company that has a very reputable name and for them to be able to represent it on a daily basis. This means that I am part of something that understands equestrians because you are an equestrian.   

What are your passions as a rider and ambassador? I am a very passionate ride, especially because I have been working for Shining Hope Farms for over 4 years now. They are a therapeutic riding center where people of all ages and disabilities come to ride in order to strengthen themselves, regain balance, and become more alert. This Hippo therapy is amazing because after seeing some of the same clients over the years and seeing how well they have progressed shows how much that horses can help us as humans. I have seen a kid go from not being able to sitting up and it makes me very passionate because I know that the horses and myself have made a difference. With my own personal horses, I am also very passionate. My horses was a rescue horse and I have now owned him for 5 years. When we first got him, he couldn't turn left and he was scared and needed someone to trust. Now 5 years later he would do anything on this Earth for me and he has become a top horses. Currently he is 7th in North Carolina in Cowboy Mounted Shooting. My horses have taught me what determination, perseverance, trust, loyalty, and dependability is and I would transfer all of that into being an ambassador for Kerrits. Anything that I take a part of, whether it is a club, an organization, or a company, I put my 110% into it and I make sure that I benefit them as much as possible. I am not a girl that says "no" or is afraid to do something because other people think it "isn't cool". Whatever I take a part of, especially becoming an ambassador for your company, I would be beyond passionate and I would love to put all of my knowledge into making  

What is your connection to Kerrits? I have learned about Kerrits though social media, such as Instagram and Facebook. All of my friends who ride, ride english so they recommend your brand to me for breeches and other apparel. I first had a pair of breeches that I got at Jaynes Village Tack Shop for my trip to Ireland to go on a horse pack trip. I loved those breeches to death because unlike other breeches they were stretchy and comfortable. Unfortunately, I like them a little too much and a rubbed a hole in the breeches. I had them for 3 years, so I was super impressed. My mom had a pair of the same exact breeches so I took hers because they were so comfortable smile.Then when I got an Instagram and Facebook, I look at Kerrits posts to see the newest things that are coming out and all of your products in action. Again, all my friends recommend your products and they have also had nothing but positive experiences. Kerrits story is amazing because something as simple as improving a bathing suit has become something that equestrians have come to love and is all they want to wear. Also, your breeches have fun colors and aren't just white and black (although that is an option). I love to have fun and laugh (as you will see in some of the pictures).Even though when I ride English, I am doing it to work the horses out or improve my skills, I always find a way to make it fun because that is what riding is all about in my mind. Kerrits breeches are fun, yet still professional and that is something that I truly admire and would love to be part of something like that. 

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