Michelle Pazdernik
Rhinelander, Wisconsin United States

Owns Horse(s)? Yes

What does being a Kerrits Ambassador mean to you? For starters, I love Kerrits breeches. They're my schooling breeches, my show breeches, I practically live in them! I would love to represent my favorite brand because the quality is excellent, and all of your clothing items are very comfortable. I will recommend any of your products to my barn friends, too! I ride at Pine Ridge Equestrian Center, and every year Emily Elek from Stonewall Stables comes up for a 10 day long "pony camp" clinic before Pony Finals, and I would happily wear and recommend your products to some of her students, too. It would be such an honor to be an ambassador for your business! 

What are your passions as a rider and ambassador? These past few years I've had my hands full with my filly, but this past year I've begun showing with my barn to local shows on our circuit here. I showed 18" with my large green hunter pony. I love being in the barn, anywhere close to horses, really! But what I really would like to go far in is show jumping. I have a pony that has taken me far this past season, but my main goal is to have my filly, a medium appendix quarter horse, become my next jumper. We plan to go to bigger shows such as Lamplight when she is a little bit older and has more showing experience. Your Microcord Knee Patch breeches are what I show in currently, and I love them!

What is your connection to Kerrits? Last year I switched barns, and I went to Pine Ridge Equestrian Center. My riding instructor there told me she would train me and my filly and take me to shows with my gelding and my filly when she's older. But to go to shows, that would mean I'd need clean, new breeches. So we went down to our local tack shop where the lady recommended your breeches! I wore them to my first show of that season and loved how comfortable they were. We went back and I got several more pairs, in different styles and colors, along with your Hex Flex riding coat which should keep me nice and warm this winter! Kerrits breeches are all I wear for breeches now! 

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