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patricia Dwyer
New york, New York United States
Dressage, Hunter Jumper

What does being a Kerrits Ambassador mean to you? Being a Kerrits Ambassador means a lot to me. My first pair of riding pants was Kerrits. I can now show how much I enjoy horseback riding and I can help inspire others to get into the passion of riding just like I did. I love to show off new riding clothes because it promotes the company, everyone wonders where I got my clothes, and who doesn't love showing off new clothes!

What are your passions as a rider and ambassador? My passions as a rider are to spend time with all my horses and to take pictures. I don't want to just see my horse as something I can go to nationals with, but I also want to be able to have a best friend relationship with them. As an ambassador, I would just like to promote the company as much as I could. I would also like to have them become one of the most popular brands in Dover Saddlery magazine.

What is your connection to Kerrits? The first pair of riding pants I ever bought were Kerrits. I loved them so much and wore them to every single one of my lessons. They eventually got holes in them and I couldn't wear them anymore. I still have them to this day and they are the only pair of riding pants that I still have that I haven't thrown away. In my profile picture, I have the same pants on because I loved them so much I needed to buy an extra pair when the first ones ripped.

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