Stephanie Radloff
Northville, Michigan United States

What does being a Kerrits Ambassador mean to you? Being a Kerrits Ambassador to me means embodying their spirit. The Kerrits line blends being fun and serious. The cool colors allow the rider to have fun but still look professional at the same time. I love that Kerrits allows me to have fun with my schooling clothes and they let me be serious in the show ring. 

Being an ambassador would also allow me to share my love of horses and be reminded of why I fell in love with horses when I was a little girl.

What are your passions as a rider and ambassador? As a rider, I'm extremely passionate about hard work. I never owned my own horse growing up and would basically ride whatever I could get my hands on. I learned how to never get up when you were given difficult horses to work with. Now, I'm riding at the University of Findlay in hopes of pursing a career in the horse world. 

As an ambassador, I would love to be able to take my passion for self improvement and hard work and share it with others. My Kerrits clothes have always helped me as I ride, they are so comfortable and last forever. I love my breeches so much that I recommend them to everyone!

What is your connection to Kerrits? My first pair of Kerrits pants, were my first pair of white show breeches for dressage. A friend gave them to me about 6 years ago and I still use them to show! I fell in love with them instantly. I love how the full seat on them holds you into the saddle and gives you a secure and safe feeling. Now, the only pants I buy are Kerrits Flex Tights. I love them! 

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