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Zoe Kanellopoulos
Balgowlah Heights, Australia

Owns Horse(s)? Yes

What does being a Kerrits Ambassador mean to you? Being a Kerrits Ambassador would mean so much to me. Ever since I have discovered the product, I have been sharing my positive experiences with my friends and followers on social media, and in the horse/eventing world. To represent a brand that regards quality and comfort so highly would be amazing, as they are the two most important things I look for in good products.

What are your passions as a rider and ambassador? I am extremely passionate about eventing, and have large goals that I am hoping to achieve in the next few years. I had an accident in 2015, that left me not able to ride for 10 months, with the possibility of never being able to ride again, but I was determined to prove my surgeon wrong and push my limits and boundaries to get back riding and competing. I believe my passion for riding and hope were the reasons my body was able to pull through for me, and ever since that, I have not stopped working at achieving my goals.

I would love to be an ambassador because I believe my passion for equestrianism is so strong, that promoting a brand that I love so dearly, would be second nature. I am dedicated to the sport and everything about it, and I would devote more time than I already do informing people of the brand.

What is your connection to Kerrits? I had never tried on a pair of Kerrits breeches as I could never justify spending more than $100 for breeches. When I had my accident in 2015 after coming off one of my horses, my spine was broken and my pelvis shattered in 3 places. As I was so persistent with not selling my horses (despite what my parents thought), I was desperate to find some comfortable and easy to put on breeches to wear around the stables during the winter. As I had no use of my left leg, and a very weak back, I needed something I could pull on fast, with enough stretch, but wanted something that was still flattering. A friend recommended I try a pair of her Kerrits she had for sale. I fell in love with them after 5 minutes of wearing them. That afternoon I went and purchased 3 more pairs, even though I wasn't back riding yet!!

As the months went on, and I was able to slowly start sitting and walking on my horses, all I wore were my Kerrits, and my collection grew. I had never found breeches that held their shape after each wash and that didn't fade or rip. I had also never felt so secure sitting in my saddle. The grip on all the breeches is amazing!! Fast forward to now, I am back out competing and riding every day, and my breeches of choice are always Kerrits, they're the first thing I reach for each day when I'm getting dressed to go to the horses. I very quickly learned that they were worth every cent, and have put so many friends onto Kerrits! I love that I can wear them all year round, at home, at competitions, and just around the barn (sometimes I wear my black full seat tights to uni, and people think they are cool leggings!)

Thank you for figuring out what breeches should be like!!!

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