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Ainsley Jacobs
Norcross, Georgia United States

What does being a Kerrits Ambassador mean to you? As a Kerrits Ambassador, I'd love to be able to share the inspiration I'd feel from having been selected for such an honor with others. Being a part of Kerrits' program, and having the opportunity to represent one of the top equestrian apparel and lifestyle brands, would be incredible. I'd really like to share my enthusiasm for Kerrits and help spread the word about not only the awesome apparel items, but for the company itself. In my professional life, I work as a marketing manager and have been doing so for over a decade. I feel that I'd be a great candidate to represent Kerrits as I'd be able to blend my love for/knowledge of horses, as well as my professional expertise. As a Kerrits Ambassador, I'll represent both the Kerrits brand and myself with professionalism. I'll also strive to stay positive, and will keep a smile on my face - even during those "oops" and "uh oh" moments that are unavoidable with riding! wink

What are your passions as a rider and ambassador? I was always the kid who rode whatever I could get my hands on. The freebies, the less-than-ideal lesson horses, the leftovers - I didn't care, so long as it was a horse... I'd never been able to afford my own. Last year, my incredible trainer (Halliea Milner at Go With It Farm) gave me the opportunity of a lifetime. She offered up a truly talented, extremely athletic and incredible horse to me and told me that he was essentially mine to ride as much as I wanted, and to compete with. This was the chance I had been dreaming of my whole life, and I did NOT want to miss out. Since then, I have committed to riding a minimum of four times a week. I train in any kind of weather - blazing heat, pouring rain, freezing temperatures - you name it, I'm out there. I am doing everything in my power to learn and grow as much as I can while I have this horse (JJ) available to me. I'm lessoning like crazy, doing clinics with Olympic-level pros, training on Prix St. George dressage horses - if it will help me to become a better ride, and help JJ become a happier, more educated horse, you can bet I'm doing it! He even gets regular chiropractic visits - a luxury I wish I could give myself. My goals for 2015 are to continue showing (at least once a month, if not twice) at local 3-phase events, attend more clinics, and love this horse more than he's ever been loved in his entire life. Eventually, I'd love to get to the training level (or even beyond) but we're still taking it slow and learning as we (that includes JJ!) go. I'm so excited to make the most of this amazing opportunity. I'd really love to be able to represent the Kerrits brand along the way. I'm a huge fan of your riding apparel; your breeches are incredibly comfortable and super cute - I always recommend them to my friends!

What is your connection to Kerrits? I first noticed the Kerrits brand several years ago while looking for a pair of half chaps at Horsetown East in Snellville, GA. I happened to take a look through their breeches, too, and noticed one pair had a packet of seeds attached. I thought it was a little odd, so I took a closer look and realized it was a baggie of CARROTS for the brand KERRITS! What a super cute idea! I thought it was so innovative and creative and handy that I became an instant fan of the brand.

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