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Annika Mertel
Ellensburg, Washington United States
Dressage & Eventing

Owns Horse(s)? Yes

What does being a Kerrits Ambassador mean to you? Horses are the biggest part of my life. I have always loved Kerrits brand and want to do my part to spread the word about this wonderful brand that has helped me progress in my riding career

What are your passions as a rider and ambassador? My goal in riding is to go as far as my horse can take me. I want us both to stay happy and remember that our happiness come before anything else. That is what all my riding goals and passions revolve around. We are trying to get to the top of the dressage ring and he seems to be loving it. I couldn't be happier.

What is your connection to Kerrits? When I went to my first show on my new horse my friend had to let me borrow her full seat across over breeches because of my "wardrobe malfunction" the entire butt ripped out of my no name brand full seats (first time I wore them) lets just say... It was hard to give them back wink  most comfortable breeches ever!

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