Betsy Niederer
Garnet Valley, Pennsylvania United States

Owns Horse(s)? Yes

What does being a Kerrits Ambassador mean to you? I love Kerrits clothing!   Being an older rider it's hard to find clothes that are functional, comfortable, fit nicely, and look good.  I'm proud of my riding skills, and the fact that I look great when I'm wearing Kerrits.  I love it when my friends and people at the barn come up to me and ask "Hey, where did you get that great top".  I think I was responsible for getting just about everyone to buy an ice fil mesh top this past summer.  My friends were all sweating in their cotton tees and jealous that I was comfortable grin

My Kerrits have also been seen frequently at the grocery store, the mall, and at all my horse shows.  My one most favorite purchase is the Kerrits grooming skirt - the one with the snaps in the front and 2 front pockets.  I wear it over my breeches at shows so I don't get dirty before I go in the ring.  I'm not afraid to sit on anything!   It looks super stylish with tall boots.  I wish you'd make them again and in more colors, I'd buy them and wear them everyday.  Lots of people have asked where I got it!  That's the thing about Kerrits - a lot of thought goes into what you design.  I really appreciate that and this is why I'm loyal to the brand. Actually, I pretty much wear my Kerrits all day.  I've even slept in my fleece tights on really cold nights.  I love the carrot...what can I say grin  If you accept me into the ambassador program I'll be thrilled, and will continue to wear the carrot proudly wherever I go!

What are your passions as a rider and ambassador? I started riding again when I was 48 after taking lots of time off to work and have kids.  After many lessons, sore muscles, and bottles of Advil I finally got good enough to show.  It's something I've always wanted to do, and never got a chance as a kid.  My dream is to someday ride at Devon.  My trainer and I have been going to a lot of the local circuits in this area and I've slowly gotten more comfortable (ie: not terrified) of getting in the ring and jumping those courses.  I live for this!  

The funny thing is, my horse is older too.  He's between 28-30 years old (an OTTB) and he totally loves the show ring.  He's in amazing shape and kicks butt over a 2' 6" course.  I keep telling him that we're a team!  

A good number of moms have come up to me at shows and have said "Gee, I wish I could ride like you" (ok...I'm not fantastic but my horse makes me look good).  I keep telling them that all they need to do is ride - just make a commitment and get out to the barn.  I always do my best to help and encourage people to do what they love.  I wind up being a role model for women my age (they've told me so) who come with their kids for lessons at our barn.  I'm really proud of that (so is my horse).

I always like to feel good about myself when I'm riding.  I mean, your butt is on display!  Older women (I like to call us "more experienced") have a hard time finding riding clothes we feel comfortable wearing.  Lots of them feel squished into too tight breeches, or shirts that show off too much - or even styled for much younger riders.  Kerrits shirts come up high enough and down low enough, the tights fit well, and you don't look like a teenager.  

I want all of those people to know that you can make your dream a reality, and wear great clothes while you're doing it.  

What is your connection to Kerrits? I love the fact that this company is run by women and was started by a woman who saw a need and filled it.  My first experience with Kerrits was through that grooming skirt that I mentioned above.  What a simple yet great idea.  It's both functional and incredibly stylish, and made from fabric that can hold up to horse work.  I fell in love with that!  

It's also important to me that Kerrits clothing is made in the United States.  It shows a commitment to keeping our country working, and it makes me proud that I'm helping to support keeping jobs here at home.  It also makes me feel good about recommending the Kerrits brand.  

I think one of the reasons that I like Kerrits so much is because it started with just one woman.  I also have my own small company that I run from home, and I know what it's like to walk that thin path to success.  I'm still working on the success part, but I understand where Kerrits came from.

I just want, for my own small part, to let women know that if they want to get back on that horse, they can do it, and that there is a company with great products to help them feel really good about how they look.  

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