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Caterina Hamilton
Riviera Beach, Florida United States
Dressage, Jumpers, Eventing

Owns Horse(s)? Yes

What does being a Kerrits Ambassador mean to you? I am from Oregon and moved to southern FL 4 years ago to establish myself as a trainer & now riding instructor.  I am very proud of the fact that I'm from OR and the Pacific NW and that Kerrits is local and supports women.  I have always loved the breeches and wear them to my clients to show the quality, breathability (especially here in the summer!) and the variety of patterns and materials.  

I have just been accepted into the 2015 TB Makeover and would love to show off the versatility of the Kerrits brand both here (Wellington, White Fences, Gold/Treasure Coasts) and in Kentucky in October.

What are your passions as a rider and ambassador? I love to teach horses and subsequently the riders, on how relaxation, forward movement and stretching are the keys to developing strength to go into the upper level movements, whether that is dressage, jumping, reining, pleasure, etc.  I specialize in rehabbing horses from pain due to past injuries, incorrect training/riding, or as in the case of my OTTB "Boss", being schooled into a new discipline.  This requires consistent patience, presence, awareness and the love of helping the horse and rider "get it".

As an ambassador, I love the fact that the Kerrits team has stuck to your guns of quality, excellence and innovation to grow into a global company.  

What is your connection to Kerrits? I first purchased a pair of Kerrits breeches at Sidesaddle Tack Shop on NE Halsey St in Portland.  My next several pair, as well as several tops, were then purchased at Glisan St Saddlery and the factory store in Hood River.

I loved the materials and how flexible, non-restrictive and versatile they are.  I used to go running in a pair in Troutdale, when the weather got too chilly for shorts.  I even trained for my blackbelt in TKD in them, when I was at the barn and warming up to ride or needing to practice my kicking!! smile   I still own my original 3 pair of breeches and 2 tops, but sadly have not been able to find a local distributor who carries my sizes (long, lean legs and XS top for my small chest). 

I am constantly surprised at how seldom I see Kerrits here as opposed to other, IMO, less quality products on the show circuit.  The humidity here causes normal breeches to become heavier, damp in some very embarrassing spots and just generally uncomfortable.  Yet, I've never had a problem wearing mine all day, whether riding, working at the barn, giving a lesson (a lot of walking is involved) or running errands.

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