Dana Glass
Plainfield , Ontario Canada

Owns Horse(s)? Yes. I ride eventing: dressage, cross country, stadium jumping 

What does being a Kerrits Ambassador mean to you? I’m completing this application on behalf of myself and an Amateur Eventing team that I’m competing with this show season 2015. We feel that our team embodies the Kerrits lifestyle of empowering women riders to be confident and encouraging equestrians to set goals and accomplish their dreams.  I use the word "dreams" because this year our team has set our sights on travelling from Ontario, Canada to Lexington, Kentucky to compete at the Haygard Midsouth Team Challenge. 

We have been extremely successful in raising funds and securing sponsors for our team and being ambassadors for Kerrits would give us an opportunity to promote a brand that we love and also to give back to Kerrits as well. 
We believe that as Ambassadors we can make significant contributions to strengthen Kerrits customer-product and service relationships. As individuals we have different networks within the equestrian community and we have the potential to influence a large audience.  For example, we have a team member (Tori Myers) that routinely does product reviews and thanks our sponsors on her popular equestrian blog – http://fillysbestfriend.blogspot.ca.  A second team member (Katie Buxton) offers Equine Services and promotes our sponsors through her website  - http://buxtonequestrian.webs.com/hagyard-midsouth-fundraiser. 

As a team we are planning several clinics to help promote our sport and raise funds, this includes a clinic in May 2015 with Olympic Event Rider, Selena O’Hanlon. We strive to provide our equestrian community with opportunities to ride with top level riders in a fun, supportive, encouraging environment. As Kerrits Ambassador’s we would look forward to promoting products through our media network and through our organized events. 


What are your passions as a rider and ambassador?  I have mentioned above our passion as a team but as an individual rider, I’m passionate about not only Eventing but choosing small, realistic goals and working with commitment and dedication to achieve these goals. As an adult amateur I’m learning what it means to approach my riding from a training and athletic perspective not only for me but for my horse as well. For example, this season I had the goal of successfully competing with my new TB partner in the Short Course Event Series in Kingston Ontario (http://shortcourseeventserieskingston.yolasite.com/) – not only did I competently execute this plan but I came out on top – being overall first in my division. 

Another area that I’m passionate about is relationships with horses. I view our relationships and journeys with our horses and through our horse sport as metaphors for life and often reflect on the sheer amount of life lessons I have learned from my horses. This has led me to supporting a local Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Program (http://www.freedomreinseal.com/). If you take a moment to read “Archie’s Story” you will learn a little bit more about me and my horse and how we hope to help other’s in the community. 

Lastly, I think it is very important that an Ambassador can be a positive spokesperson for the company they represent and the sport in general. I can assure you that myself and our team can do that. I invite you to watch this 3 minute video clip put together by our local college that speaks about horse blood lines. We wanted to provide the students with a unique opportunity to complete an equestrian related story, in turn they are going to assist us in making a generalized sponsor video for us to use. If you check this out - http://www.qnetnews.ca/?p=48992 – you can scroll to about minute 6.50 and then our story starts (you will notice that I’m already creating brand awareness as I’m wearing my favorite Kerrits hat!) 

What is your connection to Kerrits? In 2011, I discovered the Kerrits Sit Tight and Warm Kneepatch Breech. I can say without a doubt these were absolutely one of the best riding apparel purchases I have ever made. Not only were they warm, they were comfortable, functional and looked great. Since that time, I have steadily grown my collection of Kerrits Apparel for my equestrian lifestyle. What I absolutely love about the Kerrits collection is the consistent sizing that ranges from XS to 2X, being a larger rider I could not tell you how pleased I was to see these products come in my size (1X) and for this size to be consistently stocked at the local tack dealers. And – because I’m tall, I was beyond impressed that the breeches and jackets were the perfect length.  My hydrotek jacket not only looks sleek when I’m participating in off-site clinics but I wear it to work in the spring and fall and have just recently discovered it makes an awesome running jacket. In short, I love how the Kerrits clothing is made for the outdoors keeping you warm and dry no matter what your activity. I’m aware that Kerrits was started as a grassroots company with products being manufactured by a woman with an idea, goal and passion – this really resonates with not only myself but each member of our team. We too are being driven by our passions to achieve our dreams and help others along the way, just like Kerrits continues to do. 


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