Ella Gerhart
Birdsboro, Pennsylvania United States

Owns Horse(s)? Yes. 

What does being a Kerrits Ambassador mean to you? I would love to be a Kerrits Ambassador!  I totally LOVE Kerrits schooling tights!  They are the only brand I ask for when I need a new pair!  They are so comfortable to ride in, do barn work in, and even just hang out in.  I am constantly telling others how much I love them or recommending them when they ask what kind of schooling tights to get.  They fit great under my half-chaps and hold up really well!  Being an ambassador would let me try even more Kerrits products and spread the word about how great it all is (and maybe even give back some ideas of my own). 

What are your passions as a rider and ambassador? My goal and passion as a rider and ambassador is to be the best rider I can be, make my ponies the best they can be, and also to be the best example I can be to other younger riders.  I currently have a small pony named Tofu who I ride in the children's pony hunters.  He was an orphan and was most likely abused too, so he had some behavioral issues.  We've worked together with several trainers and have come so far.  We make a great team, and I love riding him!  He has taught me to never give up and to try to keep a good attitude and have fun no matter how good or bad things are going.  We won our first over fences class at a rated show this past year!!  I also just got a 3 yr old medium pony named Twink who will hopefully be my regular division pony.  I am learning how to train her on ground work and also how to show her on the line.  She was just started under saddle, so I'm also learning patience and how to train her right.  I can't wait to be riding her and eventually jumping her though!!  Kerrits have been awesome to wear during all of my riding, working with Twink on the ground, and even doing my barn work.  Twink and I even recently played in the snow with them on.  I would love to show how they can be worn in so many different places and for so many different horse activities while being totally comfortable!  I really do love them!  

What is your connection to Kerrits? My Mom bought me my first pair of Kerrits schooling tights 2 years ago.  I have since been able to buy a few more pairs, but holes have been repaired, etc so that I can still wear the ones I have.  I can't imagine throwing any of them away. 

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