Emily Cederlund
Union, Illinois United States
Eventing and Dressage

Owns Horse(s)? Yes

What does being a Kerrits Ambassador mean to you? To me, being a Kerrits Ambassador means to proudly represent and advocate for Kerrits and all of their wonderful products. It means to encourage others to buy products by Kerrits through recommendations from ambassadors who truly love the brand and everything it produces. Also, it gives you a great opportunity to began to promote yourself throughout the equestrian world and get well deserved recognition. 

What are your passions as a rider and ambassador? I absolutely love to ride and compete, especially in my Kerrits apparel! This year, I qualified and competed at the 2014 USPC Dressage Championships at the Kentucky Horse Park. This was my first time going and my team finished 9th overall out of 18 teams, 11th in Horse Management, and I individually placed 12th for my musical freestyle out of a total of 72 riders! My horse and I also competed in our first recognized horse trial and finished on our dressage score and won! Those were my two major accomplishments of 2014 (both of which I was wearing some of my Kerrits attire!) and next year I hope to join the USEA and compete in multiple recognized events. Aside from Pony Club, I am also an active member of the USDF and USEF. In the USEF I am a participating member of the High School Athlete program and hope to complete the program when I graduate high school. As for now, I am currently working to improve my riding and knowledge of horses and hope to return to actively competing come the spring. 

The first photo is of my horse and I on cross country at our first horse trial. I am wearing my Kerrits Flow Rise Tights and they were so comfortable to ride in that day! I don't mean to sound over dramatic, but in a way they helped me focus. Some clothing I wear to ride in can be uncomfortably distracting and with these I didn't have a thing to worry about. Plus they also match really well with my cross country colors! 

The second photo is from USPC Champs (photo courtesy of Young Rider Magazine) and this was taken of our best test out of the entire week. If they would of scored us individually for this particular test, I would have placed 5th our of 72 riders! I wore my Kerrits breeches everyday of Championships and not once did they fail to exceed my expectations! They looked sharp and modern but they still had a classic style to them. I even got a few comments from about them from the Horse Management judges during my Formal Inspection about how nice they were and how great they looked! 

What is your connection to Kerrits? I have always loved Kerrits! They have such a great style that blends creativity and individuality while it still looking professional. Not only do they look absolutely fantastic, they are durable and affordable too! My first and only pair of white breeches I own are Kerrits and I love to use them for dressage. I love the feel of them, they aren't stiff and I fit in them perfectly. I also have a pair of the Kerrits Flow Rise Performance Tights and I love to wear them out on cross country. They are light, easy to move around in, comfortable, and just a joy to ride in. Another thing I love about Kerrits is their wonderful variety of colors, patterns, and styles. I love to mix and match my riding outfits with my Kerrits products. I have also spread the word around my barn about what an amazing brand Kerrits is and now a lot of the other kids have got their own Kerrits breeches, shirts, gloves and so on so forth. I have never had something bad to say about any of the Kerrits products, they are all too good to be true! 

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