Emma Goossens
Waterloo, Ontario Canada

What does being a Kerrits Ambassador mean to you? I love the Kerrits brand! I love that the breeches are thin and allow movement and freedom when I ride. In the summer I feel comfortable when I ride because of the way they hug my legs and make me feel secure. In the winter, I don't like wearing really thick pants. This is why Kerrits are perfect for me. They are thin and allow me to move but still keep me from freezing because of the warm lining inside. I would love to promote this brand over my Instagram and Facebook page. I am also a C1 level and moving up senior member in Pony Club. I compete at regional and national competitions and love to talk to my friends about how amazing Kerrits are!

What are your passions as a rider and ambassador? I don't currently have a horse but I hope to get one in the future. I believe that creating a bond with your horse is very important. Whenever I get a new horse to ride, I start to bond with it even before I get on. I think that it is very important to have a bond with your horse because you know your horse better and it improves your riding. I hope to one day have my own horse and create an unbreakable bond with it. It is such an amazing feeling to a such a strong bond with an amazing animal. 

I am a very dedicated equestrian and believe that horses should always come first. Their health and comfort is the most important thing. I try to always have my horse feeling its absolute best. Kerrits helps me do this. Riders should also always feel confident. Kerrits always makes me feel more confident and comfortable when I am riding whether it is at a competition, clinic, lesson, practice or even just working at the barn. I love wearing Kerrits and would wear them everywhere if  I could! 

What is your connection to Kerrits? My first experience with Kerrits was when I was shopping for new breeches. I needed new summer breeches because all of my other ones had holes in them. I tried on so many different kinds of breeches and didn't like any of them. Finally I came across a pair of Kerrits. I tried them on and instantly fell in love! To this day I haven't found another brand that I prefer. I love the way they hug my legs and make me feel safe and secure. I have never had a pair of Kerrits breeches rip or tear! The quality is amazing! 

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