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Erin Flynn
West Chester , Pennsylvania United States
Hunter/Jumper & Eventing

Owns Horse(s)? Yes, I am currently showing as a hunter/jumper with my OTTB, but hope to soon adventure into eventing! 

What does being a Kerrits Ambassador mean to you? It means being a greater part of an already amazing community. Being an ambassador would allow me to use my strengths; like taking pictures and making video while doing something I absolutely love! It would open up a world of opportunities for me and I think it would be an amazing experience.

What are your passions as a rider and ambassador? One of my greatest passions as a rider would be helping rehabilitate off the track thoroughbreds! I found my current mare while doing this. I think it amazing how a horse can excel at one thing then go on and excel at something different. One of my greatest passions as an ambassador would be taking pictures. I have always loved taking pictures but never had an opportunity to put my photography skills to use. This would be an amazing use of photography! I also love making video and I am sure Kerrits would be a great feature.  

What is your connection to Kerrits? When I was 6 I started riding and I fell in love with the sport. I had my cousins second-hand Kerrits breeches, which were entirely too big for me at the time. I fell in love with them. As a 6 year old brands didn't matter to me but I was obsessed with Kerrits. I would Google your website and "look at the pretty horses and outfits." When I was 11 I switched schools for middle school and I had to take a break from riding. When I finally got back to riding I went into my closet and tried on the same breeches I wore at my last lesson. They were 2 inches too small! I ran out to my mom and showed her. She told me to wear them until my birthday which was in 2 weeks. On my birthday my grandmother told me she would take me out to Dover and buy a new pair of pants. I was so excited. I immediately asked the employees where Kerrits were. They pointed me over to a whole rack of Kerrits pants! I fell in love once again with my second pair of Kerrits black winter breeches. I wore them all winter and all summer. When it came time for my first show once again I headed to the store to buy  breeches. I am now starting to teach beginner lessons at my barn and the only brand I recommend  to them is, of course, Kerrits!! 

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