Hannah Sim
Ponoka, Alberta Canada

Owns Horse(s)? Yes

What does being a Kerrits Ambassador mean to you? It means being able to show off a functional and stylish brand that meets affordability and class.

What are your passions as a rider and ambassador? I am very competitive and hard working by nature, I like to show people the change I can make in both myself and with horses. I would like to become an ambassador for a brand that shows the hard work necessary to become successful. 

What is your connection to Kerrits? The tack store at my barn has a large selection of kerrits clothing ranging in everything you guys make. Even with the store on the grounds of where I board, I still spend the most of my money when I go to Rebecca Farms for their unique products and friendly workers. I also almost always keep the carrot seeds that come with the clothing simply because I think the idea is clever. 

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