Heidi Carpenter
Shedd, Oregon United States

Owns Horse(s)? Yes

What does being a Kerrits Ambassador mean to you? Kerrits is the number one brand I trust and always go to when I am looking for a new pair of breeches or gloves or anything! I have recently become a working student for a dressage trainer and am getting to ride many more horses and a bigger variety of horses than I ever have. I feel like now I am finally a true equestrian and am on the road to becoming an equestrian athlete. I would love to be an ambassador for Kerrits and show off the quality and comfort of that brand. I can now justify having nice things such as the Kerrits Cross Over breeches, and the warm up jacket. I feel I can represent the company well with my new endeavors and growing abilities as a rider. As a working student I will have endless opportunities to flaunt the quality that is Kerrits and show people that your products can withstand riding 6 + horses a day without compromising comfort and style.

What are your passions as a rider and ambassador? I knew from a very young age that horses were my passion. I tried other things because I felt like I would never have the opportunity to become an equestrian, but the love of riding never left me. For about 8 years I was just an amateur trying to do things on my own riding my horse maybe once a week with no instruction, not getting anywhere. But then I came upon an opportunity to be a working student for a dressage trainer and my whole world opened up to incredible experiences and a completely brilliant style of riding that has given me so much. Now that I am a more active equestrian and am really getting back in the loop of the growing horse world I feel like I could represent Kerrits well. Being an ambassador would give me the opportunity to reach out to other equestrians and have them follow me on my journey of becoming a better rider.

What is your connection to Kerrits? I always admired Kerrits products from a distance  and I couldn't justify having nice things like that when I was barely riding. But one day I just decided to go for it and opened up a Dover catalog and ordered pair of flex tight breeches. After that I was hooked and I knew that I could always trust that Kerrits would be durable, fit well, and look nice. I felt like a true equestrian. I have more Kerrits products than any other brand out there and I am constantly searching for a bargain so I can buy more and more:) now that I am riding anywhere from 2-6 horses at a time I have multiple pairs of breeches, gloves, and a warm up jacket. Whether I'm a groom at a show or in the arena myself I feel confident.

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