Jessica St Martin
Radnor, Ohio United States

Owns Horse(s)? Yes

What does being a Kerrits Ambassador mean to you?  Being a Kerrits Ambassador means to me being able to show the world what fantastic products you have to offer. It means opening doors to conversations about how Kerrits helps me be the jouster I am, and showing off the limits of just how durable your products are. 

What are your passions as a rider and ambassador? My passions as a rider and ambassador are to encourage and inspire young people, but especially women and girls. Being a lady jouster opens unique conversations about women empowerment. A traditionally male sport, jousting is growing quickly, and with it, more and more women are joining the ranks. Personally, I was one of the first women to compete in the International Jousting Championships in Estes Park, Colorado, and am the first woman to make it to the semi finals in 2010 and finals in 2014. Both in the Heavy Armor division. However, I have high hopes that will change soon. In 2013 a group of gals and myself started the first full contact, heavy armor all women joust troupe, The Knights of the Rose. Through our travels to shows and demos we lead by example and promote education in fun and exciting ways! I know all of the troupe members would love to be ambassadors too. If you are interested, please let me know!

What is your connection to Kerrits? My first encounter with Kerrits was with your Performance Riding Tight back in 2009. I needed a durable riding tight for my jousting lessons that I had just started. They were on sale at my local tack store (Equus Now), so I tried them out. Being 6'1", it is extremely hard to find breeches or riding tights long enough for me, but these were! They lasted through the wear and tear of my first year of training - which is saying quite a lot! Soon I found full seat breeches were much more preferable to knee patch when jousting, and lamented that Kerrits did not have full seat riding tights (at the time). I tried a few different brands and even invested in a $200 pair of Ariat full seat riding tights! I wore those for a year or two, but they were not as durable as I had hoped. Earlier this year, my Ariat breeches started coming apart, and so I hit the tack store again, not wanting to spend another $200. 

Low and behold! Kerrits had come out with the Flex Tight II Fullseat pant. I bought a pair, along with Kerrits liner, long sleeve and love them! They are the best things I have ever jousted in. The tights are way more comfortable and durable than any others, not to mention way less bulky and much easier on my wallet. I use the liner under my breast plate and arm armor to help prevent "armor bites", which is basically when the joints of your armor pinch your skin. It helps so much! I wore these two items joust in the championships this year. It was so great! I could rant and rave about how much I love Kerrits all day. Knowing Kerrits would hold up to the wear and tear of armor, plus give me a secure seat, I had less things to worry about, and could enter the joust lanes with added confidence. Thank you, Kerrits.

P.S. I apologize that you cannot really tell I am wearing your products under my armor, but I promise I am!

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