Jessica Zarudzki
Catlett, Virginia United States
Hunter/Jumper; Trail Riding; Western Gaming

Owns Horse(s)? Yes

What does being a Kerrits Ambassador mean to you? Being a Kerrits Ambassador means a lot to me. I am an avid equestrian, taking safety first. I wear a riding vest due to a spinal fusion from Scoliosis. I LOVE the Kerrits Ice Fil shirts, they are great for during the summer and winter as I tend to overheat in my riding vest. I always get questioned as to why I have a vest on when I show, and I know I can also spread the word about Kerrits awesome clothing when I talk about my riding vest.

What are your passions as a rider and ambassador? As a rider, I love growing with my horses. My passion is trail riding, I love getting out and spending time with my horses as well as meeting other equestrians. As an ambassador, my passion would be spreading the word about Kerrits attire while enjoying riding and meeting others.

What is your connection to Kerrits? Kerrits clothing has been a huge lifesaver! My first experience was just last year when I really started to get back into riding after my spinal fusion for Scoliosis. I started wearing a riding vest and I would over heat, that's when I decided to try an Ice Fil shirt. The Ice Fil shirt helped dramatically! I can now continue riding through the summer as well as winter and I don't get overheated. Now i'm really interested in helping spread the word about how they can truly help riders!

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