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Kristina Kelly
Woodinville, Washington United States
Eventing & Dressage

Owns Horse(s)? Yes

What does being a Kerrits Ambassador mean to you? As an ambassador in the past, I found it to be rather fulfilling. I enjoy being a part of a group in order to help other riders find riding gear that best suits them and their horse. I, myself, am currently 17. My mother has graciously helped me pay for my horse, but, my family does not come from great wealth, and I am thusly forced to pay/work for all my own training (I'm also a working student), tack, and riding apparel myself. I really love Kerrits for their inexpensive yet high quality breeches, shirts, and other apparel. It makes me comfortable in the saddle and doesn't force me to spare an arm and a leg for. Being an ambassador allows for me to further spread the word to other riders like myself, who cannot afford all the $300+ breeches but still want quality gear. Helping others makes me happy, and I find this is a good way to do so.

What are your passions as a rider and ambassador? My main discipline of riding is definitely eventing. As an event rider, I always have to be on the top of my game. If I mess up, my horse will. If I am uncomfortable, my horse will be too. Staying comfortable in the saddle helps me focus on my riding and my horse versus the uncomfortableness I'm feeling from an ill-fitting pair of breeches. Unlike a lot of other brands, I find Kerrits to be the most comfortable. There's no unsettling itch, rub, or chafe, everything Kerrits fits like a glove. Wearing Kerrits helps me keep my focus, which makes both me, and my horse happy. 

What is your connection to Kerrits? It was quite a while ago that I first discovered Kerrits, and unfortunately, that story is quite blurry to me. However, I can surely tell you why I love your brand and would like to promote it. I live in Seattle, Washington. We have four distinct seasons here. It's hot in the Summer, rainy in the Spring and Fall, and quite cold in the Winter. The only breeches I can stand to wear in the Summer are your riding tights. They are light, breathable, and very comfortable. I don't overheat, I stay at a perfect equilibrium -- of course with help of your icefil riding shirts as well. Recently, I have purchased your Frost Free Breeches, and I have been able to stay nice and warm whilst standing outside for 4+ hours.  No other brand has come close to reaching my infatuation with Kerrits. Every piece of riding clothing I have ever bought by Kerrits has always made me happy. It is by far my favorite brand, and nothing more would please me than to be further involved.

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