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madeline Turton
Lanesboro, Massachusetts United States

Owns Horse(s)? Yes.

What does being a Kerrits Ambassador mean to you? Becoming a Kerrits Ambassador means that I am dedicated to my sport. Not only wanting to be a better rider, but knowing I am becoming a better horse women because that is what Kerrits represents. Your products are comfortable and practical for everyday riding, which means a lot because I ride multiple ponies daily. And when you purchase a Kerrits product, you not only reward yourself, but you reward you equine partner by planting the seed packets. (Totally love that!) I also feel like becoming an Ambassador means that all my hard work feeding, riding, mucking stalls, multiple lessons a week, and working towards my goals is being recognized. 

What are your passions as a rider and ambassador? My passions as a rider and ambassador are to work hard everyday, and ride toward the goals I have set for myself.. Riding is hard, but if you get to flustered and upset you can never get where you want to be. I absolutely love my ponies and I hope to get to pony finals and at least one indoor show in the fall.. I know that it will be lot of work, and if I do not qualify I know at least I tried my best, put in the work and shot for my dreams! As an ambassador I want to represent your brand the best I can.. Showing and riding is all I want to do and picking out the right outfit for lessons and shows is very important to me. I like picking out my riding clothes, better then school clothes.. I guess another passion of mine is looking good when I am on my ponies. (Don' t tell my mom and dad they think I am low maintenance.)

What is your connection to Kerrits? My connection to Kerrits started when I got my first pony.. It was winter time and your fleece winter riding tights not only look great, but are SO warm. I have also always worn your short sleeve summer shirts forever, when the days get really hot they do not stick to you skin. Also hair doesn't get stuck to them.. And I absolutely love that I get a package of carrot seeds with all the products my parents buy.. I plant them in our garden in the summer and our ponies are at home so they always get a treat after I ride.. Like my mom says, "Kerrits is the brand that keeps on giving!"  My mom also loves how long your products last; we have had schooling tights and shirts that we keep passing down.. They have gone from my sister to other kids In the barn, and even my little brother wears the hand me downs!!  I love your fleece gloves, very warm and not too thick. I dislike winter riding gloves when they are to thick and you cannot feel your reins. So far all the product I have gotten I have loved.

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