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Megan Stapley
East Aurora, New York United States
Dressage, Hunters; however I mainly ride for the enjoyment of being on a horse.

Owns Horse(s)? Yes

What does being a Kerrits Ambassador mean to you? Having horses in my life is a privilege. I've ridden for over 30 years, but have never felt more comfortable in the saddle as when I have on my Kerrits. 

I wear Kerrits breeches (CrossOvers are my current favorites) nearly everywhere I go - to work daily as the supervisor of a therapeutic riding program, on weekends as a professional equine photographer at local, national, and international venues, and everything in between which can include a dinner out or a trip to the grocery store. I never feel uncomfortable or out of place. 

Being able to put on clothing that makes me feel good is such a luxury, and I love the compliments I get when wearing the Kerrits line. I'm proud to consider myself part of the Kerrits family and love it when people ask what I'm wearing! 

What are your passions as a rider and ambassador? There's nothing I find more lovely than an OTTB, and I love working with, building relationships with, and seeing the progress in an off track horse. It's breathtaking. 

I also adore the process of seeing them find what they enjoy doing - whether it be going steady and quiet as a hunter, the work ethic and detail of a dressage horse, or seeking out opportunities to go out on a hack through the fields. It's my job as a rider to give them the job that makes them happiest, and I love going on that journey with them. 

I'm genuinely thankful and feel blessed to get to ride and own horses, and additionally make a living and a life from working in the horse world. When you're passionate about what you do, it shows. I hope that when people look at me, they see someone that loves what she does, is confident, and looks like she can tackle the world - whether that be on a back of a spunky chestnut mare, standing in the mud ringside to get the perfect shot, or helping riders with disabilities overcome the physical limitations of a wheelchair by climbing on the back of a horse. 

What is your connection to Kerrits? The horse I intended to bring along as a show hunter had a devastating career-ending injury. My focus changed very quickly from "I want to be competitive and winning in the ring" to "I just want her to survive this", and as a result didn't ride for a few years. 

As a result (and as I aged in my 20s) my shape changed. When I finally did have the opportunity to ride again, I didn't have breeches that fit and needed to find something new. The first time I tried on Kerrits, it was a pair of the Flow Rise Performance Tights. I'd never tried on a pair of schoolers more comfortable! I was hooked! 

Years later, I'm now the proud owner of several pairs of Kerrits, some in pretty exciting colors (plum, blue nile houndstooth) that the kids at work love to see. I wrote a note to Kerrits, shared my experience, and thanked them for making something that's affordable, easy to wear, and fun. I was blown away a few days later to find a "thank you" in my mailbox from them and proudly wear the cap they sent along. 

When it was finally time for me to think about showing again, I was so pleased to see all of the options offered from Kerrits. I picked up a pair of full seat CrossOvers, as well as a pair of white microcord fullseats for dressage. 

Never having been one with the urge to go out and buy white pants (especially being a size 10 and having thighs that aren't smooth by any means), I was dreading putting them on. When I did, I was pleasantly surprised to feel okay in them. After a few minutes wearing them, not only did I feel okay, I was starting to feel pretty great! What a treat! I really never would have thought white breeches would be in my wardrobe, but here I am and wouldn't have done it without Kerrits on my thighs!

The CrossOvers are by far my favorite breech - they look really sharp and when my newest green bean is ready for a schooling show I know I'll be wearing them. They offer a really great sense of security in the saddle that frankly is starting to spoil me! 

Long story short, as I've gone on a journey with my riding, it's been nice to have Kerrits as my go-to product. I know I can always trust the fit of the clothing, look polished, be comfortable, and the quality will hold up for me as I shift gears throughout my day. 

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