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Michelle Stiegart
Yorkville, Illinois United States
Dressage, Eventing

Owns Horse(s)? Yes. My primary discipline is dressage; however, I also cross train in eventing and hunters.

What does being a Kerrits Ambassador mean to you? Being a Kerrits Ambassador means that I am able to introduce fellow equestrians to a brand that is known for its craftsmanship, affordability, style, and durability.  As a young equestrian, who is a recent college graduate, I always look for a brand that satisfies my needs and will be used for many years to come.  Over my past fifteen years in the equestrian world, many brands have fell short of that commitment.  However, Kerrits has gone beyond my expectation.  I was introduced to this brand last winter, and wish I had heard of it sooner.  I want to be able to introduce this brand to other equestrians who like me prior, have been disappointed in big name brands that rely on their name; instead of their quality materials.

What are your passions as a rider and ambassador? As a rider, my passions are horses that I classify as "damaged goods."  I own two horses, both of which excel greatly in lower level dressage, that fit this category.  I find inspiration and a challenge in these intelligent and spirited horses.  Unfortunately these creatures have been ill treated by others who were intimidated by their independence and strength.  Using consistency, understanding, and kindness in my training, I am able to rehabilitate these horses into the fantastic athletes they were always destined to be.  This is where my passion has always resigned.

For example, I had a huge surge of joy the other week when I took my "lost cause" Bashkir Curly gelding, Erik the Red, to a well renowned dressage trainer for a trial lesson.  It was intimidating to walk into a barn full of 20,000 dollar Warmbloods.  And to my surprise, my free rescue horse blended in with the immense amount of talent in the arena.  The trainer was pleased with his movement and saw us as a more than capable pair.  It's moments like those that truly move and inspire me as an equestrian.

As an ambassador, my passions are to connect with young equestrians like me.  Those who have worked from the bottom up, with limited funds, making their aspirations come alive with hard work and determination.  As a recent college graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in English and Secondary Education, I have several skills which allow me to differentiate my message to a large audience.  With the use of social media platforms, such as Instagram, I plan on sharing this brand not only through literary means but through visuals as well. 

What is your connection to Kerrits? My first experience with Kerrits was actually a Christmas present from my soon-to-be in-laws.  It was a pleasant surprise to open my annual present to find a beautiful Kerrits vest and fun, graphic t-shirt.  Prior to this, I had never heard of the brand.  I wore and used my new vest as soon as I could.  I was impressed with its durability and warmth, even in the frigid Midwestern winters. 

After having such a good experience with my first Kerrits items, I went to Dover Saddlery to see what else Kerrits had to offer.  I was overwhelmed with the selections of breeches, vests, blouses, and show apparel.  I decided to treat myself to Kerrits Performance Riding Tights and have not been disappointed.  They are cool in the summer months and are also ideal for the winter months.  They have held up to innumerable amount of abuse, and I constantly get compliments on them at clinics and lessons.  Without a doubt, they are my favorite daily riding apparel.

Since then, I have kept Kerrits items at the top of my list.  After doing more research on the company, I became even more impressed with the true American story and background behind the clever brand name.  It brings about even more satisfaction to not only to purchase from a brand that you know you will go beyond your riding needs, but also to be satisfied with the creators behind the logo, equestrians just like you.


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