Mikaela Ji
Duvall, Washington United States

What does being a Kerrits Ambassador mean to you? Being a Kerrits ambassador would mean so much to me, I love that Kerrits represents a nation of women who are passionate about horses. Showing that you can be comfortable and look professional while riding. The apparel is durable, eco-friendly, and everything is manufactured in the US. There are sizes for everyone and it's financially friendly too. I wear my breeches schooling, showing, hacking or even walking into a store after spending the day at the barn. Being an ambassador means being a leader. Being a teenager at the barn, the younger girls look up to me. I always strive to be a good example to everyone and representing Kerrits positively.

What are your passions as a rider and ambassador? From a very young age I've been passionate about animals. Before I was enrolled in lessons, I went to summer camp at a local barn. I spent as much time as I could at the barn. I didn't care if it was mucking stalls, cleaning water buckets, grooming or riding. Or just petting and snuggling with these 1,200 pound animals. As a rider, my passion is to strive to be a better equestrian, on and off the horse. My dream is to go and compete at Thunderbird with my dream horse! I love that this sport brings all ages together; its pretty awesome actually. As an ambassador, I hope to bring Kerrits to the equestrians at my barn, and in my community. I also would promote Kerrits on social media. With great riding gear, and a great attitude, I can fulfill my dreams!

What is your connection to Kerrits? I got my first pair of breeches from Kerrits; I wore them constantly, and begged my mom for another pair. Ever since that I have always loved the brand Kerrits. From their technical riding shirts, to their winter breeches, and their Kerrits hat. I love it all, and it's so affordable in this expensive sport. I think that if I had the money, I would buy everything Kerrits sells! 


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