Morgan Underhill
Sandy Springs, Georgia United States
Hunter/Jumpers, IEA/IHSA, Eventing

What does being a Kerrits Ambassador mean to you? I believe a Kerrits Ambassador is someone who can both embody the brand and the good-natured spirit of riding. Ambassadors must show responsibility and dedication both to the program/brand and to the sport itself. I feel as though a Kerrits Ambassador is someone who can speak knowledgeably about and advocate for the Kerrits brand and company. This does not necessarily entail that the Ambassador be the best rider, however they should have a passion for their equine partners and be willing to continue to learn and grow. Even in the face of disaster or those unavailable "uh-oh" moments, I will stay positive and continue to push through and help the horse because we all know they are just waiting for their carrots at the end since we already have ours!

What are your passions as a rider and ambassador? As a rider, my true passion is my lease horse, Scooby (the Clydesdale-thoroughbred paint pictured in two of my photos). Scooby came to my farm at the end of 2014 and shortly after him settling in, my trainer allowed students to ride him and he and I instantly clicked. At the time, he was a very green horse but after much work, as well as much assistance from my trainer, we have progressed leaps and bounds and I am proud to call him my lease horse. He is becoming Scooby Doo instead of Scooby Don't (his name when he was very green)!  

My other passion as a rider is the discipline of eventing. I fell in love with eventing at the beginning of my high school career and have been to a couple of schooling shows with my old horse, JJ (the other paint pictured in my photos). I love everything about eventing, from the kind people, to the fun and thought-provoking courses, and everything in between. It definitely teaches character and how to pick yourself up no matter the physical or mental fall. I hope to further progress with eventing in the future. 

As an ambassador, I feel as though I can put these two passions together and advocate for the brand as well as further my riding. I absolutely love my 'lucky Kerrits pants' that won me my first ribbon at an eventing show. These pants also ended up being the ones I wore the first time I rode Scooby. I am passionate about the sport of riding and would love to be a part of such a major, influential brand such as Kerrits. I will also continue to plant those carrot seeds throughout my riding career in different places that are important to me!

What is your connection to Kerrits? Kerrits has always been a major brand name in my riding career. When I started out, I wore the traditional jeans, tennis shoes, and bike helmet. However as I continued to show interest in the sport, I made my first trip to Dover to find I was overwhelmed with riding apparel and accessories. My eyes were immediately drawn to a pair of Kerrits tights that were turquoise. I then noticed the seeds and immediately understood the brand name! I begged my dad for these amazing pants, and seeing how affordable they were, he agreed. I have now bought a replacement pair for these exact same ones numerous times (they are even pictured in the first picture!). I now proudly own over 6 pairs of Kerrits breeches, from winter to summer. I also love my Kerrits riding tank top with an adorable horse print. If anyone knows anything about Atlanta, Georgia summer, it's hot! My only relief is my Kerrits tank and lightweight breeches that allow me to push through the heat and further advance my riding. Aside from the comfort, I also was very interested since the first day I saw those little seeds for carrots! I thought that was the most clever idea and I hope to buy enough Kerrits pants to have a whole garden-full of carrots! 

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