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Sade Cain
Petaluma, California United States

Owns Horse(s)? Yes

What does being a Kerrits Ambassador mean to you? I spend my days breathing in the smell of earth combined with horse hair, hoof oils, and fresh tack. I work in a local tack shop that supplies English and Western gear. Our Newest best seller is the Kerrits vest with the magnetic collar. Your brand represents the comfort of barn clothes, with the chic appeal of a high end brand. The comfort I get in my charcoal Kerrits cross over breeches is just what I need, whether I'm transitioning from riding to teaching to just barn fun, these breeches are durable, supportive and fashionable. I want to represent and support a brand that is eco-friendly, Supports all types of riding in  this great sport, no matter what tack you put on! I would love to represent and wear Kerrits through all my endeavors, that will take me from the schooling ring, to the show ring. Locally, regionally and lastly Nationally! 

What are your passions as a rider and ambassador? Since I saw a horse at the age of 2, I was sold. Horses aren't my hobby, but my passion and my lifestyle. All day everyday, I am surrounded by the equine and contentiously learning. I thrive for competition. I train hard 10 months out of the year with my partner and my soul mate, my Lusitano. Together, we share that motivation to help each other improve. He mirrors my emotions, and we communicate through the slightest shift of weight through my seat or pulsing of the hand. I would like to spread the  comfort, wear a brand that isn't hostile towards those of us who work everyday to accomplish a goal. I want to support a brand that knows horses don't understand holidays, and build a connection through the feeling of the clothes into the person wearing them. Each day, we can't wake up and be the best there is ... but if you love and feel comfortable in the way you look, you ARE the best YOU there is!

What is your connection to Kerrits? Growing up, Kerrits were fun! You purchased a pair of breeches, and on the tag, was literally a pouch of carrot seeds! Product memory! As, my first retail job landed me in heaven! (a horse tack shop) I was able to handle the merchandise. Feel the fabric, test out durability for myself, so I could convey my joy of the clothes with others! Versatility of the brand! First, I only associated Kerrits with schooling shows and around the barn wear. It was probably 3 years ago, I saw a upper level rider galloping past me with the Kerrits logo down her leg. I thought, not only wow for the horse and rider air galloping past me ... but wow! she wearing what I thought only passed as schooling type breeches. Over the years the breeches changed shapes and styles. Becoming in love with the full seat cross overs, not only for the variety of colors, but for the chic look of the pockets..the functionality of ventilation through the fabric, but the softness of how they felt! They were one of the first full seat breeches I could wear with out having to " break them in" smile 

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