Shoshana Rudski
Allentown , Pennsylvania United States

Owns Horse(s)? Yes, My pony and I focus on eventing (currently going Beginner Novice with hopes to soon move up to Novice), but I also dabble in 3' jumpers and hunters. I also have never lost a bareback class of any kind and am working towards tackless riding on the side of my more serious work. 

What does being a Kerrits Ambassador mean to you? Kerrits is by far my favorite brand. The ice fil tights were my go-to attire as a working student for Schramm Equestrian (EventionTV) and Playland Farm. They are fashionable while still keeping me cool! I wore the grey and black for more serious work and I have a pair of the purple ones for the days when I am just messing around. Now that it is winter and I am riding on my college's eventing team, drill team, and at least two other lessons per week, I always wear my Kerrits winter breeches. My legs never get cold! 

My Kerrits polo is my main show shirt. Since I event and show lower level jumpers, it is perfect! Professional enough for dressage while still being light and comfortable for cross country and jumping. 

I would love the chance to represent the brand I love. I am a huge advocate for safe riding while still having fun. No saddle? No problem. But NEVER without a helmet! I love that Kerrits supports helmets and has a sense of excitement.

What are your passions as a rider and ambassador? As an ambassador, I am passionate about showing off the versatility of the Kerrits brand. The products are comfortable enough for every day wear but also formal enough for competition. They fit beautifully and wear well. I have never had a problem with washing or shrinking, and I cannot say that of most brands. 

I know that when I purchase a Kerrits item that I will be satisfied, will use it for years to come, and that I got a fair price. 

Of course, I also love how I look in my Kerrits gear! I will go out grocery shopping after a ride with no hesitation and find Kerrits merchandise flattering and fashionable! 

Eventing is my riding passion. I love the combination of dressage and jumping and greatly appreciate that I have a chance to go fast and jump big things while still working on my pony's fundamentals in the dressage ring. 

My other passion, silly as it might be, is ponies. Being just under 5' I never outgrew the pony phase. I took a chance on a 14.2 hand mutt two years ago and she has turned into a superstar. She has no problem beating the big Thoroughbreds in the show jumping ring and has won races up hills during trail rides. 

I also am a huge advocate for helmet safety. I wear a helmet for several reasons. 

1) For myself. I love riding, so why would I take an additional risk that might make it so that I could never ride again? I am happy to gallop around bareback in just a halter and go out cross country, and realize that riding involves risks, but why add yet another one when it is so simple to just put a helmet on?

2) For my family. I do not want them to get that phone call. I do not want them to have to deal with the pain of loosing me. My mother fell off of my lease pony a few years ago and would likely be dead if she was not wearing a helmet. The doctors said so. I do not want to imagine anyone being in the position I was in when she ended up in the hospital without a helmet.

3) For my horse. What would happen to her if I wasn't there? My family wouldn't just pay her board for me forever. My horse gets excited as soon as I pull into the farm or walk to her stall. She loves working and she has a safe, forever home with me...as long as I am alive. For her sake, I wear a helmet to ensure that I can be with her as long as possible. 

4) I trust my horse. But she can trip. She is a living animal. She can make mistakes. Trust has nothing to do with helmets. Someone can fall off of and severely injure themselves off of the most bombproof schoolmaster.

Lastly, I am passionate about caring for my horse. I know her baseline vitals by heart, know how much she eats, drinks, her blanket schedule, and every other detail of her life. I love being involved and being an active owner. 

What is your connection to Kerrits? I bought my first pair of Kerrits breeches second hand around three years ago. They were a pair of winter breeches and I was instantly in love. Since then I have always gone to Kerrits whenever I needed new gear. I wanted some lightweight summer tights and I bought from Kerrits without a second thought. When I decided to expand my winter breeches collection, Kerrits was also my first stop. I still have my first pair of Kerrits winter breeches and actually wore them this morning! The products last and do their job...what else could I ask for?

I started showing more actively this past summer. I didn't have a good show shirt so I went to Dover to look around. I tried on lots of brands but it came down to a few options from Kerrits. They were the most comfortable and fit the best and most fashionable. I loved the polo I decided on so much that I bought a couple more as back ups and so that I could wear them while schooling. 

Honestly, there is no other brand quite like Kerrits. Kerrits combines fashion with function in a way I feel the equine industry greatly lacks. When I discovered Kerrit's Ambassador program I decided to apply immediately. I would love to represent such a fantastic brand and products that I stand behind 100%! 

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