Sofia Zajkowski
Auckland, New Zealand
Show Jumping

Owns Horse(s)? Yes 

What does being a Kerrits Ambassador mean to you? I love the concept of a brand being functional above all, but without compromising style and aesthetic appeal! I have admired the Kerrits products for a while now, especially through social media, because I'm in New Zealand and as far as I am aware there is only one retailer. I am about to purchase some knee patch breeches in either a grey or blue. Being a Kerrits ambassador means having an honest appreciation and love of the brand, which I do, and doing my utmost to promote the products. I would like to see Kerrits become more popular in New Zealand because I think in this part of the world it is a reasonably unknown brand. I am quite active on social media and I've discovered the brand through Facebook groups and Instagram. 

What are your passions as a rider and ambassador? My main goal as a rider is to compete successfully in the Junior Rider series next season and the season after (1.20-1.35m). This is a jumper series (we call it show jumping) for riders up to 21. I haven't had a lot of money or parents that are interested in horses, so I've had to build my way up. After saving by teaching and riding for other people I have managed to buy a very talented 6 year old who I'm hoping to produce to these heights in the next few years. I am a huge believer in hard work and finding ways around a problem. As an ambassador, I love using social media like Instagram and Facebook, and many of the kids that I teach follow me on these sites which means I have a reasonable audience of people who follow my example. I honestly believe that Kerrits should become a popular brand in New Zealand for people of all situations, from the riders at our local riding schools to top level competitors. I think that my appreciation for the brand would allow it's audience to grow! Because I am yet to visit the retailer of Kerrits, I have just attached a picture of my horse and I. 

What is your connection to Kerrits? As I said above, the main thing that draws me to Kerrits is the functionality and brilliant design of every single product. I think that because Kerrits was originally created to serve a particular purpose that other brands couldn't fill, it has maintained this and as a result has some of the best designs for equestrian apparel. Kerrits seems to create trends instead of following them. I looked up the brand several months ago after hearing about it on Facebook and I loved the story of how it all began! 

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