Suzanne Minter
Austin, Texas United States

Owns Horse(s)? Yes

What does being a Kerrits Ambassador mean to you? I am honored to be a part of the Kerrits family. As a Kerrits Ambassador, I am proud to promote products I truly love and believe in. The Kerrits lines are all functional, flattering, affordable, and durable. I am frequently complemented on my Kerrits breeches at the barn and around town. It is wonderful to have riding attire that is so comfortable and functional, while still very stylish. I appreciate having support from a company, such as Kerrits, whose values I can stand behind. 

What are your passions as a rider and ambassador? I have been fortunate enough to train up to Grand Prix in my primary discipline of Dressage. I currently have an off-the-track Thoroughbred gelding whom I have trained up to 3rd level. I am looking forward to continuing his progress up the levels and beginning a show career with him. My goals as a rider are to compete internationally at the highest levels of Dressage, to contribute to the sport, to acquire and share as much knowledge as possible, and to promote ex-racehorses as incredible partners in all disciplines. I have some experience in Hunter/Jumper and Eventing, however, Dressage is my passion. I also enjoy learning classical horsemanship methods. I currently enjoy working with horses off-the-track at a local racehorse charity and teaching beginners. My goals as a Kerrits ambassador are to contribute to the company and develop a lasting partnership.  

What is your connection to Kerrits? My first Kerrits brand item was a pair of Flow Rise Performance Tights. I still regularly use these tights, and they have held up through years of rigorous use. I love the comfort, and I am regularly complemented on how flattering they are. I've since added to my Kerrits collection, but my tights are my go-to pair during the brutal Texas summers. 

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